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    Finding investors for a Video Game Development Company

    mashiyu Newbie
      I have just founded my new company, Mashiyu Entertainment America, Inc back in January. We have come a long way since then with our incoporation in FL, located facilities to lease, have our business plan, market facts and even putting together a team for our first project.

      I have applied to so many venture capital places, its not even funny. I know the economy is down, but the video game industry still fairs well. Does anyone know where the best place to look for investors would be? We are really ready to roll once we have secured funding. I figured since we have layed down and out all the hard work, it would be easier to find investors. We are in talks with Sony and Microsoft for console games too and that doesn't even seem to help us get along further.

      I guess I just feel a little lost and exhausted, but I know it will pay off in the end. Anyone have any suggestions?