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    Getting start up money for a business in today's economy!

    Believer09 Newbie

      I am a teacher seeking to start up my own business. I have a complete business plan with 3 year financial projections and with different resources to make business successful. I want to open a market in a low income area surrounded by 5 apartments complexes. I have done a survey around the area and the result is that many of the people would prefer to by from a market that is closer to their home than to walk 3 miles to Walmart. There is too much traffic and it is hard to walk in the rain with groceries. I have called the SBA and they said that they do not assist in start up businesses in the area. I have gone to a grant writer believing because I am a woman trying to open my own business it would be easier to get a grant. It is not as simple as I would have hoped and the grant writer said that it would cost thousands of dollars to get a grant. I just need to know what direction I should go from this point. My credit is not the best due to student loans still being paid on. I have talk to people that have markets but they are not enthusiastic due to the economy. I have talk to the building owner and talked down the lease agreement to a reasonable price. I know how much money I will need to get business licenses and to get my inventory. I just don't know how to get the money to purchase what I need. If anyone has any advise I would deeply appreciate it.