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    Website Review

    bertlins Wayfarer
      Hey guys. Just wanted to know if you can take a look at our website. We just did it over and we want some opinions on where we can improve. We nare still working on it though. Can you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. All suggestions and critiques are welcomed. The url is
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          redefyned1 Wayfarer
          I think your site aesthetically looks fine. I would offer a few suggestions as far as the functionality of your site.

          You currently have canonical issues. This basically means you can access your site is being indexed in the search engines with www and non www. This will eventually harm your site in the SERPs (search engine results page) because the search engines think you have 6 home pages when you really have just one. Here is all the ways you can access your home page: - - - - - Since you are using an Apache server you can use a 301 Redirect from your non preferred pages to your preferred page. You can also do a site operator check in Google to see the www and non www pages that are already indexed.

          You have some cross browser compatibility issues. The dynamic drop down menus do not function properly in IE7. The menus disappear behind the slide show.

          I would suggest changing the hover color of the navigation bar text to some color other than white because it blends in with the light gray background and it makes it hard to read. I would use the same red color you have in the background as the hover color.

          You'll want to address the HTML issues with the site:

          Currently your robots.txt file only has this: User-agent: * add Disallow: just below that plus add your sitemap location on the next line down below that.

          The last thing I would suggest is to add some content to the front page. If you take away all the pictures and links, all you have are product numbers and dollar amounts. Give your viewers something more than just products to see when they first enter your site. Give them a reason to come back for more. Give other people reasons to want to link to your site naturally.

          I'm sure that is not the news you were wanting to hear but if you address those issues with your site and apply a little SEO to it, I'm sure you will do well.


          You'll also want to adress the CSS issues: