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    Is An Unseen Torpedo Heading Toward Your Financial Ship Of S

      It’s impossible to escape the news of the day. Bailouts. Stimulus programs. Recession, Deflation. What is happening?

      As a retired banker of 45 years, I feel qualified to speak to the issues of the dqy. After months of research to figure out what really is happening in our country, here are a few statistics that reveal the state of our economy.

      Over the last twelve months, corporate America laid off more than
      2.5 million people and that number is rapidly climbing.

      The average 50 year old has saved only $2,300 towards

      1.3 million people filed for bankruptcy in 2008
      The average credit card balance is over $8,000.

      Over 1/2 the families in America have trouble paying their

      Home mortgage delinquency is 8.2%, highest since 1932.

      Homeowner equity declined twelve trillion dollars ($12,000,000,000,000).

      Against the backdrop of those abysmal statistics, I ask you, are you willing to trust your financial future on the next new great money making system? I for one never would, and I don’t think any thinking person ever would either.

      Therefore to all deep thinking individuals, I want to share with you a wealth building and accumulation system that predates the electric light bulb. For the last 100 plus years, fortunes have been created using a very simple and time proven system that never fails. I promise not to tease you with a “new launch” or any such hype, just a system that requires strict attention to following detailed instructions as presented. If that does not describe you, then look elsewhere.

      For those of you who can follow instructions, the journey of a lifetime to allow you to defy the statistics presented is just a click away.