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    I`m quitting, so here is my list of suppliers

    gzmeilu Newbie
      Since i decided to quit my business for a while because i`m to busy at school i want to share my experiences with some good chinese suppliers.

      Very reliable supplier for mobile phones charms. I ordered a lot of charms from them for approx. $1.00 /pc. 2500 style for choose shipping.

      They sell nice MP4 players (like the teclast players) at a reasonable price. I ordered some samples from them and everything was in order.

      Very fair prices, good communication. Sometimes orders might take a day or 10 to be send out if you order different models, but i never had to wait extremely long for my order. They have a very large variety of mp4 players.

      Great prices, and they have a SISVEL license.

      Never ordered from them yet, but the prices for both original and copy earphones amazed me. Might be interesting to take a look at.

      I am in no way affiliated with these companies besides the fact that i have been customer with them. I just want to share them with you because i have good experiences with these people and i know that it can be hard to find a reliable supplier in china or hongkong.