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    .com vs .net

    onyxclothing Newbie
      I am seeking input on the topic question. I am currently in development of my company's e-commerce website. In choosing a domain name the .com equivalent is not available but the .net is. Do you think that having a .net will be a detriment or will it really matter?

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          cbdesign Wayfarer
          Having a .net domain is not a major problem in terms of search engine positioning and ranking if you develop the site properly to make it search engine optimized and friendly. Just be aware that most people when typing your domain will probably add .com to the end of the domain when typing it in, so you must make sure that you put extra effort into building brand awareness for proper consumer recall of your domain name.


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            Phoneguy Newbie
            I agree with cbdesign's response regarding search engine results and creating a brand to differentiate yourself. However, if you can obtain a domain with .com, I would recommend it highly. Most people - despite the years that other extensions have been available - tend to think on a .com basis so the odds that someone will go to the .com version of your desired domain is pretty high. If the holder of that .com domain is a competitor or has a business that is even similar, this could actually be detrimental to your client's business. If the .com holder is a cyber squatter, end users (potential customers) may be subject to a website with pop-ups and re-directs which you do not want your client to be associated with.

            I know that people think that there are no more cool .com domains but coupled with some intereting branding, you can find another domain that people will not have to think about to find. (After all, how many .net websites have you been own in the last week? last year?)

            Good luck