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    Need Start Up Money.. $50k

    CKWorkSmart Newbie
      I am going to start an online company for women's clothing. I have done the math and will need $50k. This will cover all start up expenses for 6 months if I get zero revenue. If I sell 85% of my inventory I will earn this back within the 3 months. I would want a loan for 2 years, to be safe. I would like a silent "partner" (I just want your money) and would like to make payments of $2708.88 for 24 months with my first payment not starting until my 7th month mark. This, in full, would return your $50,000 and an extra $10,000 for loaning the start up costs. I would also like an option to pay out earlier, no less than the $60,000 if I able, I don't like owing money. If anyone is interested and can actually afford to invest $50 into a start up company please let me know.