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    Writing for Principle - How to leverage good content

    Pamela Newbie

      There is not enough useful, quality content being created. Readers are looking for it. Publishers want to get their hands on it. Smart companies are leveraging it.


      If a reader can easily absorb and relate to something, they'll pass it on. If it's interesting, it will continue to get passed on and talked about. Writers who put out good content are positioning themselves to reap a significant harvest. A key purpose comes to light, which is reaching specific audiences that continue to expand. Let's suggest that it is your customers and prospects.


      You can influence that audience with what write about - your content.


      Why am I writing?


      Before you put pen to paper, first ask, what is it that I hope to get in return? You are writing for a purpose. Along with the principle of capturing the attention of your readers, your writing encompasses an underlying strategy -- promoting your message and demonstrating your best thinking. Therefore, your writing will build your brand as well as your credibility.


      Further, measurable objectives can be tied to your writing strategy, such as:


      • Attract potential customers
      • Build credibility with thought leadership
      • Get noticed in a crowded marketplace
      • Drive web traffic
      • Promote technology, product or services


      Setting the tone of your strategy will drive your cause for the investment of time in writing.


      What am I writing?


      What is it that matters to you? How can you make that matter to your readers as well? People like to feel like they can relate to what they see, hear... and read. In addition to offering something to your readers that is meaningful and useful, make it relevant.


      To do so, you need to know who you are talking to and then develop a topic that ideally will support your message and help you achieve those objectives.


      Writing for the right audience is key, so is knowing your message


      Rule #1: Know thyself


      Rule #2: Know thy audience


      Know your key messages. Be consistent with them by writing about topics that support them. You can be subtle about including them in your writing.


      As for your audience, ask, who is it? Target your writing for those readers. We could call this "niche writing" because you are completely focused on just those people. In this, while you consider your audience, write principally from your heart and knowledge, as that's what will draw them in.


      Other ways to write for your audience:


      • Drive value. Give people something that they can use, whether information, something of good interest or based on solid perspectives.
      • Be comprehensive. Offer something more insightful than what everyone else can narrowly see from the surface.
      • Engage the reader. Open a dialogue to promote interactivity by drawing them in and moving them to respond. How can your article keep people's attention and act as a conversation piece with your customers?
      • Add color. Solicit input from others and credit outside sources. Interesting, solid quotes from relevant people or references to them will enhance your writing.
      • P.S. - Remember to tie to your business interests.


      Gain momentum


      Develop your topic in a way that allows for additional articles as follow-ups or new perspectives to reinforce your original writing. Turn your article into a series or incorporate the feedback you received from the first article to continue to leverage the interest of your readers in future writings. Keep the dialogue open this way by offering them something of value every time.


      What have you accomplished? Measure the investment. Review your objectives, adjust, and crank it out again. Remember, good content is being sought. It's a grand opportunity that ought not to be missed.