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    dorkmcki Newbie
      We are thinking about doing a company intranet to store files and keep everyone in loop about what is going on in the company.

      Does anyone use any software for their intranet? Any recommendations?
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          Blaque Adventurer
          Hello Dorian

          Any web server will work fine just disable the gateway address or use ip filtering


          If you already use ms server just type the server name in the address bar and you have a intranet


          Here's a list of web server software



          I like server 2003 and higher
          Also XP and Vista have a web server built-in(IIS), enable it though add/remove programs.

          Best of luck


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            ASCSLLC Newbie

            Once you have enabled your Intranet, you can add MS SharePoint which will help you with centralized document management and internal web sites if needed.


            Manuel D.
            ASCS, LLC.
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              ComTech Newbie
              I'm not sure how your network is designed but we use Microsoft Small Business Server and it comes with sharepoint which allows us to add documents, photos, presentations, and a bunch more in a central location. It even has a small help desk system built-in. It works great for centralizing files an keeping everyone in your organization abreast of what's going on. For those employees that vpn/remote in to the office, they can even check their e-mail through it or login remotely to their computer (if they have permissions).

              Terran Jones
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                SamNam Wayfarer
                Hi Dorian,

                Not sure if I am late to the dance but if you are still looking for an
                Intranet for your publishing company, I have the solution for you. Our
                software is called StreetSmart 7 and it's a complete online
                collaboration solution designed to provide the service your demand. Our
                suite is comprised of applications called SmartApps and allow your
                organization to collaborate together and get the work you need done.
                You don't need to worry about purchasing expensive servers and managing
                the system. Since our service is delivered on the web, all you need is
                a computer and an internet connection and your set. You can access all
                your files, tasks, emails, appointments & client information via
                CRM from anywhere at anytime.

                I'd be more than happy to demonstrate the suite for you and set up an
                evaluation site for you to test and take it from there. Looking forward
                to hearing back from you.

                Best,Sam Namazikhah
                (818) 776-8080 ext. 241
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                  aaotech Wayfarer
                  Save your $$ on MS solutions.. get a linux server and setup wordpress and jira.
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                      SamNam Wayfarer
                      Open source is great if you have the technical know-how and time to invest in creating you're own intranet. If you don't then you're at the mercy of a freelance developer. Also, it looks like Dorian is looking for a private labeled intranet geared towards employee collaboration with all the applications and security measures already in place.
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                          aaotech Wayfarer
                          So they pay a freelancer to come in once and set it up.. the cost vs the over time with microsoft solutions is much lower. Wordpress is free too. Thats just a 10 minute install.. so they hire a linux geek for $200 to setup Ubuntu server with LAMP environment and wordpress vs $1000 for some M$ .. Yeah, they'll be at the mercy of what they can do with $800 :p
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                              SamNam Wayfarer
                              I agree 100% that Microsoft solution is going to be a pricey one, but we all know that going down the open source highway is not a one time $200 fee. You're going to need this and that and then you are stuck with a freelance developer that can charge you anything they want. Plus, if something goes bad, good luck having that one man show come to your rescue, no support.

                              It looks like Dorian is looking managed I wrong?
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                                  AnonSolutions Wayfarer
                                  Hi there,

                                  I recommend Joomla open source, you can have your intranet on a USB stick or have it online as a web based application.

                                  You can have different users to manage the site.

                                  If you are serious about this please contact me and I'll give you a free consultation.

                                  Best Regards,
                                  <a href="">Joomla Design Expert </a>
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                            Lizsam Newbie

                            Hi, I just joined this forum today. I am a sharepoint administrator. I live in United Kingdom and I will be willing to help in the setup and training if needed.

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                              SamNam Wayfarer
                              Hi Dorian,

                              Just wanted to check back in and see what solution you picked for your company intranet.

                              Sam Namazikhah