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    QuickBooks Users: Creating Success In a Difficult Economy

    Qvinci Adventurer
      Qvinci software has released a QuickBooks solution unlike any other available. With more capabilites, more usability, and at a cheaper price, Qvinci offers complete business insight. It works like a business GPS: it tells you where you are and where you are going.

      Qvinci queries data from your QuickBooks files and transforms them into easy to read and use graphs, charts, and tables. You can choose what you want to see, such a yearly P&L, net income by month, or anything else you would like to see aggregated from you QuickBooks files and transformed into a graphic format.

      Additionally, Qvinci offers cutting edge tools to go along with its graphic dashboard. Tools like Proformas, to project future results based on your data in QuickBooks, and Early Warning Indicators, to help you monitor things like certain expenses, income goals, etc. These indictors alert you if it looks like you are on target to go off budget or miss a goal.

      The most important points about Qvinci are that:

      1. It is easy to download, implement, and use. It has point and click usability.

      2. It is affordable. For about $1 per day you can have complete business insight at your fingertips. And you never have to pay for an upgrade and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

      Most dashboards are expensive, hard to use, and have limited capabilties. Qvinci offers complete financial insight into your business in an easy to use format and for very little money. Improve your decisions, improve your business.

      Please visit for more information and to see videos of Qvinci actually running.