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    Bookeeper or Accounting Services

    ORIGINATOR Wayfarer
      I need a service provider whom can take the bills / invoices and place the fixed, variable, regular, and one time expenses on a spreadsheet equipped to amortize the balances over some predetermined schedule and capable of providing fixed and variable curves depicting declining expenses over any twelve month window period.

      Who can provide such a service and where can I locate them in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island, and Texas?

      I appreciate your help and look forward to your reply.
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          maxamillion Wayfarer
          We do provide these services. Check our profile. We have offices in Chicago and Toronto. It does not really matter which office you use as long as you have a scanner to process the invoices and depneds what you want to do. Do you want a full fledged accounting service or just help
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            profitguy Newbie

            We can certainly handle this requirement. The Profit Institute provides a broad range of support services to companies across the country using both standard and customized analytical models that allow for any variation of a trend. The models are fully dynamic allowing for "what if" scenarios to manage changing conditions if necessary. Our standardized tools/services provide for operational and cash flow management directed at providing critical intelligence to business owners/managers to improve their company's performance. These tools can be modified if necessary or a fully customized model can be developed based on your specific needs if it is more appropriate. I would be interested in learning more about the purpose of the information in order determine the most useful approach to address your need.