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    Advertising for under 40 cents a month!

    UltDesignChik Newbie
      Webb Catalog ( is a brand new advertising website and portfolio. When you buy a banner spot it will be on there for a minimum of 5 yrs and you only pay once! We also create a page for you with info about you, your shop/business, display photos of your work, and links to your website. The awesome thing about the site is it only has 1000 banner spots and when they are all sold, no more will be available. Your banner and webpage will be there for good! Imagine the traffic it will bring to your business. You will also be popular and known for owning a little piece of web on this site.
      Another sweet thing is that if your website url, photos, information ever changes you just email them and they update your webpage or banner that you have with for free, and as many times as you want. It’s only $25.00 for a minimum of 5 years. That is less than 45 cents a month. Compare that to myspace ads which run for a minimum of $5 per day, modish and craftcult which start from $40 a month and up, linkreferral which goes from $25-100 a month… this is an awesome deal!