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    Attracting sales to a new business idea

    Phantom458 Newbie
      Hi everyone

      Our business is unique and a world first so we want to market it properly.

      We have taught families and children practical emergency techniques in their home for the last 4 years and now have developed a business package that teaches people how to do the same thing. It is a huge market - one that is much too large for us to do alone. People enjoy our sessions as they often don't have time to attend group classes or perhaps, like most people don't think they will ever be placed in a position to have to perform emergency procedures (CPR) on a loved one. Often the one who might collapse at home, is the one who has attended a class and knows what to do, but more than likely he is the one most at risk for needing emergency assistance. We are not replacing accredited training by St Johns or Red Cross - they are excellent organisations who provide accredited courses. We teach practical techniques in homes so it is familiar to the families and children should an emergency arise.

      If anyone could provide some assistance in how we market and get some sales so we can start expanding and helping more people, it would be much appreciated.