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    Startup Funding

    Harold Newbie
      I have been searching for no-doc, unsecured funds for months now for us to re-start our investment company. I started an LLC in my 20 year old daughters name, have been building her credit over the last year but have had no luck getting any funds. My credit is poor so that is why we have been pursueing things from this angle. I am also curious about shelf corporations. Anyone that has any opinions or ideas feel free to post them. Be blunt and honest. Thanks!
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          sage309 Newbie
          Harold, I might be wrong but I would say be very careful. With bad credit and in need of funds in this day and age
          there will be many sharks in the water all willing to "help" you. Not saying you have an impossible task, just be
          wary and careful.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Startup Funding, Welcome Mike

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help
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              • Startup Funding
                Harold Newbie
                Hello Luckiest. I am not familiar with SCORE. Does it have to do with establishing Business Credit?

                I am still probably going to purchase a Shelf Corp. They do cost some loot, but from the research that I have done if they are done properly (as usual there are a lot of scams out there) and you have plan your business can get some nice start up funds.

                Thanks for the reply!