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    About to start an LLC

    GraffDesignz Newbie
      I am about to start an LLC in Fort Collins, CO. I will most likely have only one partner in the business. We will be selling some software that we have created and at the same time, keep our regular 9 to 5's. I plan on any money earned to be saved and spent on growing the business, advertising/expences for delivering a better product, etc. and after that, pay ourselves before paying taxes, I think. My question is, how is the best way to pay ourselves with out paying extra taxes. Do we pay ouselves as employee's? A salary is probably not 4 us as we do not know what kind of success we will have yet. For my situation, is it best to pay taxes as an LLC, Scorp or Ccorp. And hoiw should we pay ourselves. Thank you in advance for all replies and help.