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    Technology - what to consider when designing a web site

    pdmiller Adventurer

      When you design a website you need to consider many things besides how it will look.


      What browsers and operating systems should your site support?

      • Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux
      • Netscape Navigator, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc

      When you design you website you need to check your website in all platforms. Don't assume that because it looks ok in Internet Explorer that it will look fine in all other browsers, etc. Very often it can look very different if the website wasn't designed with all browsers in mind.


      Network bandwidth of average site vistors

      • Internal audience or largely external audience?
      • Ethernet or high-speed connections typical of corporate offices
      • ISDN, or DSL medium-speed connections typical of suburban homes
      • Modem connections for rural, international, or power audiences

      Don't assume because you have high-speed internet access that everyone who will view your website does. You need to keep that in mind when creating graphics, videos, photos, etc. Keep them small or offer thumbnail versions which people can click on. Also listing the size of the file will inform viewers if it's too large for them to download on their system.


      Dynamic HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and advanced features?

      • JavaScript or vbscript required
      • Java applets required
      • Style Sheets required
      • Third-party browser plug-ins required
      • Special features of the UNIX or NT server environments required
      • Special security or confidentiality features required

      Today's websites offer much more than just HTML. There is CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Streaming videos, etc. Make sure your website is well suited for what you will need. Be familiar with all the latest software, etc. People expect many of these features for easier viewing of your content.


      How will readers reach the support personnel?

      • Email messages from readers
      • Chat rooms, forums, help desks, phone support, forms

      Always think of your audience. What will make it easier for them to get in contact with you?


      Database support?

      • User log-ins required to enter any site areas?
      • Questionnaires required?
      • Search and retrieval from databases needed?

      Will you need a database to help support these features? Do you know how to properly set up a database? Which database structure will you use (ASP, MySQL, etc)


      Audiovisual content

      • Video or audio productions?

      Will you be needing streaming video? Are you going to offer it via HTTP or on a Streaming Server? Are you embedding the video? All these need to be considered when deciding to offer video or audio content on the website


      Websites have evolved from the simple HTML sites from many years ago. There are many technology elements to consider when designing your site. Do your homework and know your audience!


      Good luck,


      Patty Miller


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