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    sage309 Newbie
      There's no doubt the economy is struggling. Watching the news,financial shows,etc. there's always so many different "experts" giving
      their opinion in regard to the economy. One I was listening to said we are coming into a global depression. More retail stores will close
      in 2009, then commercial real estate will fail due to the lack of need for construction,etc. Others say we'll be out of this mess by the latter
      part of 2009. Now the stimulus bill is passed, will it help?

      So many conflicting opinions. So what's the consensus of most on here?
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          paratech Newbie
          We cannot expect miracles. I am hopeful that the Stimulus will help some. The fact is that America has been living on credit alone for too long, many living way above their means and we have exhausted many of our resources. I believe that what is happening with our economy is a reality check for all. We need to work and struggle together, become better people and have hope. We live in the land of opportunity and I am sure that through hard work and percerverance, we can get out of this. Eventually, everything will have to level out, but it will take a couple of years.