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    IT Staffing and consulting business

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      Dear Friends,

      I am willing to start into the IT sftaffing and consulting firm business. Where I want to hire few H1B emplyees who can work for my clients. I would like to start with small company for now and want to have minimum employees for now.

      I want to know the process to start new IT consulting firm which can hold few H1B employees. What is the minimum requirement for that in terms of number of employees? How many H1B employee new company can have and how many US citizen and/or GC employees that firm should/must have?

      Should it be a LLC or C-Corp? I heard that it has to be C-Corp if it wants to have H1B employees working for them.

      Appreciate your help and time.

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          dublincpa Scout

          My company has used Elizabeth Waller. We don't do H1b's. So, I don't know if that is her thing or not, but this lady has her stuff together.

          By the way please fill in something on your profile. It is completely blank. That makes it harder for forum participants to help with future questions.
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              Thanks for your reply dublincpa.

              I am currently employed in IT industry as Sr. Software Engineer and willing to start something of my own. I have GC. I basically first want to get some H1B transfers of my friends and not going for new H1B application. Later on when market gets better I am planning plan to grow my business.

              So in this case I would like to get some basic detail about this business and then once finalize I am planning to go to some legal consultancy.

              Appreciate your help.

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              mnasim034 Newbie

              I myself have started a IT Consulting and Staffing Company a few months ago. So I have learned to answer many of these questions as I was asking the same before I began. It doesn't matter if the company is a LLC or C-Corp, both can file H1B. However, the criteria for filing H1b's is becoming more and more complicated. I have spoken to several attornies and they have told me that the company should first have a few resident employees (Citizen, GC holders) before they can file. Also, the official criteria is that the company should send in atleast two years of tax returns showing healthy revenue. The key thing here your company shouldn't be seen as an H1b dependant employer. Many IT Consulting and Staffing firms have done much fraud by falsifying offer letters and other documents in H1b petitions. I'm sure you heard the most recent raid on Vision Systems. This is a sign the USCIS will evaluate each case deeply, I know companies with over a 100 consultants who have had majority of their applications issued RFE's.

              I would like to talk to you more about this, if you are even interested then we can work together, I am a US citizen. My company has a good source of revenue and good standing with the USCIS. Let me know if you are interested or have any other questions that need to be answered.
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                Do you have direct clients where you can place your employees on the client site?If you plan to hire H1B employees then USCIS most likely ask you to submit the client contract. You should also have good financial standing which includes atleast 2 years of your company's W2. Most of the cases that I have seen gets rejected due to ability to pay issues.