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    Great Opportunity To Promote Your Site And Business For Free!

    SolutionSpot Wayfarer
      One of the Network Solutions properties,
      is looking for successful small business owners in featured interviews
      section of the site and the editors of the site asked for my help. I
      thought I would post a thread here to find interview candidates.

      Here is some information about the site: is a
      business solutions web site designed to serve small to medium sized
      business. It is a comprehensive site offering articles, forum, useful
      tools etc. We also make it easy for you to cultivate relationships with
      other small business executives and potential business partners.

      The interview will be posted on the site. It will also be featured in
      our bi-monthly newsletter which is sent to our newsletter subscribers.
      This is a great opportunity to attract free traffic to your site,
      create a buzz, promote your business and add a backlink to your site
      from a PR6 website.

      We can either email you the interview questions and you can answer them
      whenever you can or we can have a 15 min. phone interview.(The editors
      will write your answers down and send them to you for your review
      before publishing them.

      You don't need to own internet or technology related business to
      qualify for this offer. We are open to any business from different
      industries. Please reply only if you are running a legitimate business
      and have been in business for at least six months. You can contact me
      via PM and please be sure to include the following information:

      1- Your name
      2- Your business name
      3- How long you have been in business
      4- Your web site
      5- Your email address
      6- Your phone number
      7- A brief statement about why we should choose you as a featured
      interview guest.(One paragraph max. You don't need to write an essay.)

      I will try to reply to all inquiries promptly but please note that we don't have to approve all inquiries.

      Thank you,