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    Merchant Service Provider with a Heart

    tmk108 Wayfarer
      Hey Guys and Gals,

      like all smart business owners we look for ways to save money but also get great service for what we do spend. I had been approached in the last month by many merchant service providers trying to get my business. i attended a local chamber meeting and met a girl by the name of Jolie Pavent who runs a service provider office in my area. we got to talking and she gave me some great ammo to ask these guys when they come in. it surprised me that she did not right away try to get my business. i decided to give her a call and send her some of my statements to look at. she found that my current provider was telling me that my effective rate was 1.67% when in reality i was paying closer to 3.95% on average. they were also charging me a statement fee of $25 and a monthly minimum of $35 along with many other hidden fees. she explained to me how interchange pricing works (still a little confusing) but it did help. i decided to go for it and jump shit and board with her. so far things have been great. i am saving about $80 a month with my new rates. i could not be happier. i also got started with a new service they provide called simply deposit. basically i scan all my checks in at the end of the day and close out. i get my check deposits in under 2 business days and never have to go to the bank for deposits. that alone save me bundles in time and money. anyways sorry to drag on but i was just so excited and needed to share. i already told several shops around me about it and a few of them have already switched. :)

      if you want to check them out you can goto or check out the simply deposit site at

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          TBizjet Newbie
          Congratulations on your monthly savings!

          Just a couple of side notes, anyone out there paying a monthly statement fee of $25.00 for a regular merchant services account should be doing some comparison shopping. That is definitely on the very high side of the norm. In regards to check processing, most merchant service providers can offer that service and it will normally be provided at two levels.

          Check Conversion - this will simply take the checks and treat it more like a debit card transaction and automatically deposit the check into your account.

          Check Conversion/Guarantee - The check service provider will deposit and guarantee the check providing it's a pre-printed personal check with the name and you provide the phone number and a drivers lic number on the front of a scanned image of the check. Costs for this service is typically less than with a credit card.

          Equipment Needed - Most check companies will require a check imager and a Multi File group credit card terminal. Your merchant services provider should be able to assist with equipment selection. Many of the terminals out there today are capable of also holding the check program as well.

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            Thanks for the post. How about filling in your profile so that we know a little more about who you
            are and what kind of business you're in. That would add greatly to your credibility. Otherwise, your post would appear to some to be just another 'paid political announcement'.