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    English Accent Reduction- At LCI English We Ensure English A

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      Studying the vocabulary and grammar is of great importance when you are studying English, but that is not all. Consider that studying a language implies studying how to speak it as well as studying how to write it. The secret to turning an expert in English is in dominating both areas; written and spoken, and in paying attention to details like English accent reduction when communicating.

      Why is English accent reduction extremely significant?

      • For starters, the capability to talk intelligibly and effectively in English guarantees your success in the North American culture. If your pronunciation, intonation patterns and knowledge of idiomatic expressions are deficient, you may not be understood clearly or may not grasp delicate alterations that happen when communicating, conveying the feeling that you do not master English.

      Caring about English accent reduction can
      prevent a lot of inconvenience, discouragement and may still expose career opportunities for starring positions that would otherwise be unavailable for you. Avoid being excluded of talks, having to endlessly repeat yourself and having people pay more attention to your accent instead of understanding what you are communicating.

      • In today's business society it is extremely important to possess superior public speaking qualities for dealing with many business conversations, remote meetings, presentations and still social reunions. Your business image comprises verbal as well as visual qualities, thus the inadequacy of communication qualities to look secure and knowledgeable can negatively affect your company's image and your work quality.

      English accent reduction is very important not only for individuals who learn it as a second language but also for professionals with marked regional accents who want to enhance personal and professional chances.

      English accent reduction will assist and expose possibilities for professionals in lots of areas like: receptionists, telemarketers, broadcasters, entertainers, politicians, physicians, attorneys, customer service professionals and nurses, among others.

      At LCI English we teach students from many different countries, teaching them perfect English. For making your English accent reduction training process a success, we form groups of no more than seven people to assure you receive individual assistance always, our dialect coaches have considerable experience on English accent reduction for several languages and accents, we provide custom- designed programs to handle your special needs and you will get a personal consultant ready to help you all the time on your English accent reduction course.

      With professional English accent reduction programs that are based on practical lessons, LCI English makes sure you:
      • Turn more efficient in your speech
      • Enjoy greater attention from others
      • Learn to employ a dictionary as a precise pronunciation tool
      • Are suitable for stimulating career growth opportunities
      • Acquire increased self confidence and respect
      • Reinforce and better the professional image of your business

      English accent reduction programs at LCI English assist in diminishing foreign and regional accents, but also with raising speaking qualities for your personal of professional life, neutralizing pronunciation and your voice tone, therefore, helping importantly to your general wellbeing by ensuring you are capable of facing situations in life with clarity, quality and assurance in yourself.

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