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    Seeking Film Angel for film w/ Danny Glover- shares release

    josephj Newbie
      Re-creating the American Dream... New social change/environmental film w/ Danny Glover, Ed Begley, Jr. releasing final shares for investors - 224% ROI.

      We are currently wrapping up a film entitled, 'American Dream' with actor Danny Glover, Ed Begley, Jr., Howard Zinn and many others. The film is being marketed by John Raatz (What the Bleep, the 11th Hour) and is scheduled for release this year. With the current political climate and the title of the film, the timing could not be better.

      The film looks at creating a new American Dream that is based upon community, sustainability and prosumerism.

      Shares are 5k ea. w/ 224% average ROI. You can see more online at , including a trailer, media kit and more about the release and post film movement.

      Investors will receive credit listing in the film and for those that qualify as associate or executive producers, they will get their name listed in the opening credits and also the end credits.

      We also have another film we are doing pre-production for that Danny Glover will narrate - it is on natural healing and Shamanism around the world and is entitled WalkingThroughWorlds (
      We will be releasing opening shares of this project next month.

      Please email us through our site if you are interested in finding out more.

      Thank you.

      Joel Christian McEwen
      Director, American Dream/WalkingThroughWorlds