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    Assigning Employee Numbers

    dorkmcki Newbie
      I am interested in giving my employees unique employee ID numbers instead of using their social security number. Where should I start? For example, if I have 12 employees, how should I assign numbers. I don't want them to be 01,02,03 etc. Maybe I need to create a unique number, I am just lost. Please help!!!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          The most important thing to consider is how you'll want to use these numbers in the future. For example, some companies use the number for access control and security systems, logon IDs, etc. -- in which case the system's programming (for user names, mag strip ID cards, keypads, etc.) may require an employee number that contains a certain number of digits or a specific format. Likewise, if you wanted your employee numbers to have "information" built in -- for example, the year the employee joined the company or his/her veteran status, then you'd have to create some sort of coding scheme to embed that. If you wanted to be able to sort data or generate reports on the basis of an employee number, then you'd want to think that process through. Whatever you decide, you obviously want to have enough digits to allow for turnover and growth.