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    Local organizations or associations, do they work?

    TheGloveGuy Wayfarer
      Is joining a local organization or association a helpful situation? Is it time effective and cost effective?

      We joined a local small business minority organization that is part of our field last year to be able to network and be heard on our issues, etc. Well it has been 5 months of paying dues to keep hearing the same conversations over and over again about how minorities are not getting contracts or business. Well I thought these groups were to come up with ideas and solutions. Now we were sold on the organization because we were told that all the members work together to give each other business and work side by side with each other. Well it seems that most of that statement about giving each other business is false. All these meetings seem to be are a window of an hour or so to complain about what is not happening.

      So for future reference we will do our homework on the organization before joining and ask many members how it has benefitted them.