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    Search Engine Optimization

    Kelleysstyle Newbie


      Can anyone recommend an ethical, effective SEO company?


      Thank you,
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          buybigtires Wayfarer
 has a great list of people who provide these services. They are well known, and can give you some great advice. I do in-house SEO for my own company(Our business sells tires, not SEO), but reading SEOMoz on a daily basis has really sharpened my skills.

          Their list is available at and they do not take any kickbacks for their recommendations.
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            SilverDragon Newbie
            do you recomend setting up different "search engine gateway" pages for each different search engine??
            I had a book that said that you should make a different page for yahoo, good, hotbot, etc. Do you do that?
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                buybigtires Wayfarer
                How old is that book? If you build the page correctly, it should display the same information for each search engine.

                While Yahoo and MSN use Meta Tags, Google does not rely on them as much. If you have built a CSS site, things should be easily indexable.

                I would worry more about cross-browser compatibility, ( making sure the page shows up the same on IE, FireFox and Safari) rather than different content for different search engines. Most of these search engines have been bought out by the Big 3, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So they will be using the same results and algorithms that the big 3 will, no matter where you go.
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                  food2u Newbie
                  To your question about "search engine gateways" all the search engines react slightly differently based on keyword density (and where the keywords are located) and text on a page. So Google likes page titles to be 6-8 words long while Yahoo likes them to be 5-7 for example.

                  Web Position is software that helps optimize text on a page for particular circumstances such as search engine gateways. However, there are a lot better ways to spend your time than trying to optimize for each search engine (at least until you run out of other things to do) so your focus should be mostly on Google anyway and then you can come back and worry about the rest.
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                  Rainmaker Newbie
                  Check out the web site as noted. Then, if you live/work in a major city review the SEO Companies available.

                  More importantly, make sure that you maintain a solid working relationship between your web designer and the SEO Company because maximizing SEO means that you probably will have to make changes in the web site.

                  Last, but not least, the algorithms change all the time so SEO is not a single task, It is ongoing. That will impact your budget and the time you have to spend monitoring and supervising these activities if you do not do them yourself.
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                    neosoulman Newbie
                    I've used for my lead generation company When I check my traffic stats you can clearly see the rise in organic traffic. Highly recommend them, affordable if you are a small to mid size business.
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                      emmagination Newbie
                      SEO is definitely an ongoing process. The small change you make today will not show up in the search engines for days to weeks. It's also heavily based on your target market, so before you start looking for an SEO company, you should be very aware of your target audience such as "photographers searching for a photography portfolio website". At that point an SEO can optimize the website to target that audience. Using a keyword such as "portfolio" is too broad and returns results such as "stock portfolios".
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                          david28078 Adventurer
                          There are ways to get a website or blog ranked almost within minutes.

                          It takes a little work to get to that point but I have done this with much success on many an occasion ESPECIALLY if the client is proactive

                          I'm a great believer in LSI and Website Structure - when that is all correct the search engines will rank any business much faster.

                          I do SEO (and related) for living and everyday something changes - the breadcrumbs count ;)


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                          GasisaRipoff Newbie
                 is a free tool from Google. is a great free tool. It lets you see how you compare to other competing websites.

                          This is a free book on SEO. It is great and does work.

                          These all work well and are freebies. I used them and they brought out ranking up. There is no quick way to increase your ranking.

                          James J Moore


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                            NatOnline Tracker
                            Search Engine Optimization is great, but this is only the beginning of the game.

                            What is the marketing strategies you've got?

                            Why people will buy from you once they are on your site?

                            What your competitors are doing?

                            Yes, there is more things, after the SEO to do.
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                              DomainDiva Ranger
                              Go to:

                    , This is a cpmany that provides 'velocity enterprise search'.
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                                nhunixguy Newbie
                                Finding the right SEO involves research. The best place to start is . Look around and see who's doing what. If you can, attend a conference on Search Engine Marketing. Go to classes, meet people, etc. Depending on the industry, this could be the most important part of your marketing.

                                And I agree that you should avoid the SEO software that's out there. Much of it will actually hurt you because the search engines will think that you're trying to spam or cheat them. Good luck!
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                                  LUCKIEST Guide
                                  With all the great answers that this question has received, have you tried
                                  googling "Search Engine Optimization"
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                                    hightech Newbie
                                    Hi! I agree. SEO takes planning and much more. We do this for our clients. First you need to sit with the company or person you choose and explain your market segmentation to them. The more information they collect from you, you would have better results. Also monitor the changes everyday and make changes accordingly. Look out for your competition and what they do. Don't copy but change yours; uniquely to attract your client base. Good Luck. If you need more information contact me. I wouldn't worry too much of technical aspect but which search engines would bring more traffic to your business. A good SEO company knows the truth. Also you need to let them do a trial run to prove this to you. Keep in mind. This is not a technical thing. It's plain marketing done differently using technology.
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                                      scsurfguy Wayfarer
                                      Can anyone recommend an ethical, effective SEO company?

                                      Well, since nobody else did I will. I used a company called out of Los Angeles.

                                      They dove in and achieved the results I wanted for half the price of "Name Brand Companies" that charge thousands more.

                                      I got 25 keywords for about 4k for the year and they guaranteed first page placement for 12 months and had everything in writing. I submitted my info, they researched everything, applied the code, have supplied and placed hundreds of links per month rather than the 7 links most companies offer, offered suggestions and made the changes to my web pages all for free. In all, about 60-70 days later I had first page placement in the natural results on yahoo, and google picked it up after 3 months. ROI, 3 months plus im out of the red.

                                      Great company, small but great. They proved to me that they could rank up with the big boys for half the cost.
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                                          david28078 Adventurer
                                          Nice plug ;)
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                                              david28078 Adventurer
                                              Web Position - very subjective....

                                              I ask you this "How would you like a computer generated program querying your servers?"

                                              It's like legal burglary in my mind

                                              I know of so called SEO companies using differing programs to see what position they are on Google by querying Google's servers - do you guys who use/do not use these programs think that taking up Google et als bandwidth and constantly using precious server space are not annoying the server owners????

                                              I own several of these programs but stopped using them about four years ago when I though this would be an issue with Google et al

                                              These programs produce a fancy report - that's it.....
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                                            Momentum Wayfarer
                                            Lot of have been discussed here on the post. I agree with most of the stuff emagination and David have posted. SEO is an on going process and organic search results needs time, sometimes not just weeks, but months. It all depends what keywords one is promoting for and many other factors. SEO software's are most of the time are a piece of crap and should be avoided. No one can give you 100% guarantee on SEO results, if someone does it is just a trick that can work either way.
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                                              scsurfguy Wayfarer
                                              SEO is constantly changing. Which is when I was doing my research, instead of typing in search engine optimization, I typed in affordable search engine optimization. It was a little work, but I found a company (webwisemedia) and I put my faith in them. They did have guarantee's. Not for all of my keywords, but first page placement for my choice keywords is what they provided and thats what mattered. they promised a minimum of 25 first page placements and if they did not, they would refund my money. plain and simple. nobody can guarantee your keywords first page but, its a start to achieve first page placement for my general keywords which might take a year or two. and it was cheap, especially when i made all my money back in about 2 months.
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                                                webguy Newbie

                                                Following is a link to ‘*Web Marketing for Dummies*' - before you sign up with any SEO vendor - you should read this book fromm cover to cover. Published this year - it has very current information. My company, is given credit for our search engine expertise and research which was used for Chapter 10 - "Mastering the Secrets of Search Engines") - it's an excellent resource for web marketing ideas as well.

                                                Following is a link to where you can purchase the book online and have it sent to your home in a day or two...



                                                It's a $25 book that Amazon sells for $17. Well worth it.

                                                Warm Regards,

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                                                    david28078 Adventurer
                                                    Just love those drive by posts/ads....

                                                    I would advise staying away from "Dummies" books and read a few up to the minute blogs instead.

                                                    I was quoted on Search Engine Watch last week with that same advice.

                                                    The Dummies books are old news - unless you are a carpenter or something......
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                                                        webguy Newbie
                                                        David ,

                                                        I agree with you wholeheartedly (not about the 'ad' part as I get no royalties from the book). But with all due respect to your knowledge and expertise, for someone just starting out - the 'up to date' blogs are too 'fragmented' in their topics and can be confusing and contradictory.

                                                        A 'Dummies' book is a quick read - covers a lot of territory and helps a person just starting out on the subject to get a basic foundation of knowlege that will enable them to more quickly and efficiently research 'current' information on blogs that are relevent to their needs.

                                                        Just one persons opinion....

                                                        Warm Regards,

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                                                      jp1234 Wayfarer
                                                      Yes, and they just went live with their site after months of preparation. It is . Good price and great service. I am one of the testimonials. They also have an affiliate program.
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                                                        CLT0672 Newbie
                                               They are affordable, knowledgeable, and effective.
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                                                          InfoSourcing Newbie


                                                          If you're looking for ethical and efficient SEO companies then look for threads like this one and you will see tons of companies out there

                                                          Your next step is how do you determine who is good and who fits your bill? So I would suggest you identify who you are? Whether Small/Medium/Enterprise business? What kind of budget you have? What kind of Products/Services you want to deliver? and this would nail down to few and then continue your search of identfying the real candidate who can do the job by checking their customer references and the sites they dealt with ...

                                                          It's very ciritcal you do your job right of finding the right company, coz that make a difference on the web. We deal with ERP softwares for small and medium bsuiness and optimize e-commerce websites (product based) and optimize the entire catalog and not just few keywords ...

                                                          I hope this answers your question.

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                                                            intechspecial Ranger
                                                            My company utilizes simple Search Engine techniques that have placed me in the top 10 on page one with giants like Microsoft.

                                                            Completely Google "legal".

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                                                              Lasalesguy Newbie

                                                              I can help you with your SEO campaigns. I work with several different vendors that I suggest based on your needs. Feel free to email me at so we can talk further about what you are looking for.

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                                                                TGA000 Wayfarer
                                                                That will really depend on what you want to do. If you have you expectations in line with reality you can clean house with some basic DIY stuff.

                                                                But if you're trying to rank under a keyword like "the", you're going to be in a world of hurt.

                                                                Rule of thumb here is to stick to companies who will talk to you about all that.

                                                                Social Media is huge. Never forget that.

                                                                In fact, I just FTPed a page yesterday, did my SEO/SMO thing and I'm already #14 in Google.

                                                                Now, that's not the 1st page mind you, but when you do it the old school way you're locked in for months and months and months of waiting. I like faster results.

                                                                In another week I'll be in the top 5.

                                                                Here's what you need to know to ask intelligent questions:

                                                                #1: What have YOU (the SEO person) to prove you're the stuff?

                                                                #2: Can you explain to me in language I understand what all this stuff is about?

                                                                #3: Can you give me advice on what we should to kick start the party?

                                                                Here's what I mean by #3: if you have not run an adwords campaign yet you do not know what words are going to turn into $$$.

                                                                If you pick the wrong person/company they'll have you up in lights for your company name, which is exactly the thing you don't want. BUT it'll look cool.

                                                                Here, this is a video I put up the other day that'll help.

                                                                Would love to chat with you:
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                                                                    FCPainter Adventurer
                                                                    You know, this is one area I really wish the Bank would provide some advice on. Bank of America seems to have tremendous expertise on search optimization. Do people feel like it woudl be valuable if they gave us access to all their internal experts and whateve companies they work with on search optimization so that we could get advice. I would love to see them do an event where we could get direct access via forums to top talent at the bank and outside who did their search optimization.
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                                                                    sumesh vs Newbie

                                                                    S im recommending you GDi Techno Solutions providing ethical, effective SEO service.




                                                                    Sumesh vs

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                                                                      koln123 Tracker

                                                                      In addition to the seo companies suggested here, I will add the following points.


                                                                      - Make sure the seo company can give you the names of companies they have

                                                                        done seo work for, and possibly allow you to even call them.    If they cannot

                                                                        do that, or are unwilling to do that, yet are willing to ask your for significant money

                                                                        in a business model where results will not show for months after you have been

                                                                        paying  them money, that would be a big red flag.    


                                                                      - Try your best to avoid trying to rank for very competitive keywords

                                                                          Example:  if you can rank for "car repair atlanta" and find that you are getting significant

                                                                          business, that is better than> if "car repair" is much harder to rank for and you try

                                                                         to rank for that, don't get ranked for that, spend a lot of money on the way to trying

                                                                         to do so, and don't even need that many customers.


                                                                      -  Make absolutely sure if you sign a contract that they will not own your site at

                                                                         that point.


                                                                      -   Try REAL hard to make sure there is no seriously bad info on them, like on

                                                                           rip-off report or scam, etc.    Of course dont' judge a company for a couple

                                                                          of bad customer mishaps, look for a serious pattern.


                                                                      -  Some companies have been know to take technical ownership of your site by doing the seo,

                                                                          not tellling you this is in the fine print.


                                                                      -  There have been cases where some companies perform excellent for a good rate for the first

                                                                         year, but then in the 2nd year, demand 3 times the 1st year rate.   In some cases, they

                                                                          will even tell you they will call your competitors, pull the plug on you and tell your

                                                                         competitor they will get your high position.  


                                                                         You may even try thinking of an unrelated industry and a keyword that is about as

                                                                          competitive as the ones you would do.    Do a search with that keyword.   Call

                                                                         up the top 3 sites that come up and ask to speak to the person / owner who does

                                                                         marketing.    Tell them who you are, your website and who does their seo.    This

                                                                         is fairly unorthodox, you may get pushback, but you may be surprised what

                                                                         people are willing to tell you, as you are sincere and honest and people will pick 

                                                                         up on that. 


                                                                         Good luck