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    aprilwine Newbie
      Hello people, I was thinking of starting up a website to show off some of my projects. I have no idea how to do this,as my computer skills are not my strong point. I have questions such as...who do I contact,is there a fee etc. can anyone share this information with me?
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          erictom Newbie

          My web designer is very creative and thorough as well as very affordable. But, most of all, you can do your transactions and exchange of ideas through e-mail. Try looking at my site ( and see if you like it, then I can forward you his contact number if you are impressed.
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            Analysight Newbie

            A good start would either be Microsoft Office Live Small Business or Yahoo! Small Business. I use Microsoft. I don't know much HTML, so the templates Microsoft provided were very useful. It only costs $14.95 - the amount to park a domain name. Of course, if you plan to use Microsoft Office Live Small Business for selling via your site, you will need to pay. But these are good starting points.