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    cozmo53 Newbie
      A company I got involved in that I think is the right business at the right time is Tropical Smoothie Cafe.
      I am in the process of trying to open multiple sites in Arizona, if anyone has any input on how to be successful at a small drive-thru smoothie/sandswich shop please give me some ideas!
          teacup Wayfarer
          Have you ever heard of "bubble tea?" It's very popular on the West Coast.
            FranchiseGuru Newbie
            The best place to get info about how to set up a successful business is from the Franchisor. I hope in your due diligence you found that the Franchisor was excellent in helping their Zees choose the best location, invest in successful marketing campaigns, and overall, assist in developing the best smoothie franchise out there! Networking with their most successful owners is also a great way to get sound advice. You invested in a franchise for a reason....go get your money's worth!!
              liveyourdream Newbie
              For the smoothie industry....I would suggest looking into

              We are not affiliated with these guys in any way...but...they have a store in Plano, Tx and we have visited it a few times....

              Any smoothie business is not going to make you a millionaire...unless you've got several stores...but this seems like a good opp for anyone interested in the industry.
                  CorpCons08 Ranger
                  Good afternoon liveyourdream,

                  Welcome to the Bank of America Small Business Community. Perhaps you would tell us what business you are associated with or your name so that we can give you the referral credit?

                      liveyourdream Newbie
                      Hello to all, in response to a request to an introduction because I just joined the forum, I am actually a full time employee in the hi tech field and I have been running a small business part time in the "Home Storage" industry in Texas. I relocated to Texas and quickly discovered that homes down here lack storage space, so I became involved, by mistake I might add, in the overhead storage industry.

                      It's very difficult holding down a full time job and trying to grow a business part time, but we're going on year 4 now, and still working the kinks out. Has anyone else had success going this route for starting up a business...?
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                          CorpCons08 Ranger
                          Thank you for the introduction. There are many options available to new small businss owners. I would like to speak to you more about your venture. Please feel free to email me at
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                            Emile Yarder Adventurer
                            Welcome to All freinds!
                            Liveyourdream ! What's a great name! With a nickname like this, we can understand directly your needs freind. I think that's the dream of every one here. In the small business forum. We want all to grow and to succes. Personnaly, I came here to get contacts for to develop our Business Services activities in Brussels. I mean for my interests. And I discover a Nice Community with Nice People.

                            Cause your question is in my competences I would like just to say:

                            • Don't hesitate, go ahead because you want to do business
                            • Don't spend more time; start now, where you are, with what you have, with the help you have, with what you like, with your background, with all you have on hands and in the Way you will get opportunities. And take those opportunities.
                            • choose between to be employee and forget your dreams; new car, new house, good life for your childreens, happiness for your wife, satisfaction for you and to be a part of leaders people.

                            You can't wait the pension. You can't wait to get starting money from your small job.
                            Be a adventurer boss. Be a risk taker. Be an opportuny man. WOrk wiht US.
                            I advise every day my clients like that and many find succes like this.
                            Don't be afraid! Go ahead! You can do that. I can. You can.

                            It's nice to know you all. I have a client, I have to leave you. See you next spare time. Thanks a lot.


                            P.S: You're in USA! Do you realise? The place to be for business. For a small business that is a big
                            Wich opportunity? : you're in $$$ zone. So, you can export to £££ or €€€ zones and make good
                            money quick for this Christmas period and start an export business to Europe where american
                            products and multiculture are very appreciated. I have a client who are looking for Gadgets and Gifts.
                            • I have a business in UK and clients, contacts, freinds in Belgium.* For succes: contact US.
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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        Have you visited SCORE online or in person. SCORE helps people FREE who are going into business.
                        SCORE can help you with both a Business and Marketing Plan.
                        Do you have an Accountant?? Funds to open multiple sites??
                        Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                          TJMorehead Adventurer

                          An effective marketing and advertising campaign and strategy along with exceptional customer service are your tools for a successful business. Find out what your prospective customers like and offer it. Do customer appreciation from time to time. Do tasters for the smoothies, promote offers, coupons are great promo tools too.

                          Warm regards,
                          TJ Morehead