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    How to Sell Items From Your Wordpress Page Using Paypal

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      The following is an article from my Blog at that talks about the ease of using a Wordpress page as a viable business website. This article explain how easy and non-technical it is to sell items directly on your Wordpress page, and process credit cards through Paypal. It couldn't be easier! Enjoy.


      Sell Items on Wordpress Using Paypal

      I am consistently floored by the ease of use, customization, and expandability of Wordpress not only as a blog, but as a viable business website. With the ability to quickly change themes and styles, add pages, and manage content from an administrative console, I am finding it harder and harder to come across reason not to leverage this technology for your small business needs. Now, you can also easily sell items/services from your Wordpress website, and accept credit card payments via Paypal.

      Below, I have listed the steps to easily leverage this great plugin, available FREE to wordpress users thanks to the developers at the following URL:

      Download the Plugin:

      The first thing to do is to download and install the plugin. Go to your Wordpress administration console and navigate to the "Plugins > Add New" page. Now do a search for "WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept". The search engine should return this result. To install it, simply click on the plugin to view the details, and then click the "install" button. Wordpress should take care of the rest. After the install is complete, activate the plugin to begin using it.

      Register for a Paypal Account:

      If you have not done so already, you will now need to register for a Paypal account at this point. This is the account from which you will accept the payments. You can register for a new Paypal account at the following address:

      Configure and Insert the Plugin:

      The next to last step required is that you configure the plugin for use. In your Wordpress administration panel, under the "settings" category, you should now see a link to the "WP Paypal Payment" page. This will bring you to a page that allows you to enter the configuration options such as your Paypal name, items, etc. After you have updated the configuration, there are a couple ways to apply the functionality to your page. You can either enter the paypal widget into your side panel through the "widgets" page on your admin panel, or you can enter the "Buy it Now" button onto any page by entering the following code into that page:
      <!- wp_paypal_payment ->

      That's it! Now you should have the full ability to sell products right from your Wordpress page with very minimal effort. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them.

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