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    The Power of Autosuggestion to Create Your Business Success

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      Hi All, I'm a big sucker for Business Motivation and Success Books. A topic that constantly resurfaces in many of these book is the power of "autosuggestion", so I decided to write an article about it. Below is the article from my blog . I hope you all enjoy. Come to the blog sometime to get more articles on business, success, and motivation and comment on them.


      The Power of Autosuggestion:


      In 1644, Rene Descartes wrote the line "Cogito, ero sum" in his work
      "The Principals of Philosophy" which translates to English as, "I Think
      Therefore I Am". While Descartes was stating this philosophy in
      reference to human existence and being, the quote can be equally
      applied to business and success by relating it to the power
      of "autosuggestion".

      Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a fortune teller,
      possess a crystal ball, or have some mystical power in order to predict
      and shape your future. In fact, the future is dependent on the
      present; that is, in order to create their future, one must first
      predict it. This is achieved through the power of autosuggestion.
      Auto suggestion is a process by which one's thoughts or beliefs help
      to shape the reality that they experience. While this may sound like a
      bunch of mystical "hocus-pocus", it is actually a phenominon which has
      been extensively studied in science, medicine, and psychology. You may
      know it by a more familiarand related term, "the placebo effect". What
      the mind perceives to be reality, the body makes so. For example,
      there have been many medical study cases in which a patient has
      been given a placebo, or a sugar pill, and told that they were
      receiving medication for an ailment of which they were
      suffering. These same patients, though not actually receiving
      any benefit from medicine, in many cases showed marked improvement if
      not full recovery in what was ailing them.

      This process can be used in the areas of success, business, and
      motivation as well. So, how do you harness the power of autosuggestion
      for your benefit? Below is a three step process I have developed to
      help provide a framework for creating your own reality.

      Step 1: Determine Your Vision

      The first step in the process of harnessing the power of autosuggestion is determining your vision.
      This is the process by which you take some time to reflect and assess
      where you would like to be in the future, from a success standpoint.
      This is not a time to think small, think BIG and best case
      scenario. What is it that you want? What is it that you want to have
      more of? How much of that something do you want? Jump ahead of time
      in your mind, and take note of everything that surrounds you in your
      "best case scenario". Take time to remember this vision, as
      documenting these details will come into play in the next step.

      Step 2: Make Your Vision Tangible

      The next step in this process is very important. Thinking about
      what you want is not enough. You must get to the gritty details of
      that reality, and document it. For example, lets say that you want to
      live in an enormous house with tons of property and more rooms than you
      could possibly need. Envision this estate in your mind and write down
      all of the details. What do the front doors look like? What is the
      feeling when you walk through the front doors into the wide open entry
      way? Are there pictures on the wall, rugs on the floor, items on the
      tables? What does the leather smell like on the expensive leisure
      chair in the corner? Get as specific with your illusion as you can...
      and then write these details down. Create a notebook to capture these
      details in one place, and include pictures that represent your
      vision, from magazines and printouts if necessary. The more tangible
      you make your illusion, the more potent it will be when carrying out
      the next step.

      Step 3: Create the Gap in Your Mind

      The mind is a complex and incredible mystery, of which I will not
      presume to even partially understand. But what I do know is that the
      mind is equally as powerful as it is mysterious. Authors such as
      Napoleon Hill have suggested that the mind enjoys consistency between
      reality and "perceived reality", that is what the mind wants to believe
      to be true. When these two factors differ, it creates a gap in the
      mind... and the mind (and in turn, you) will work to close that gap.
      This third step is based on that theory. You should daily, and perhaps
      even twice a day, take time out to review your illusion that you have
      documented in detail. Revisit all of the sensations that you
      experienced when determining what you wanted. Think of everything in
      terms of the present, not the future. In other words, instead of
      thinking, "I will own a mansion", or "I will walk through the front
      doors"... think "I am the owner of this enormous mansion", and "when I go
      home from work, I walk through the front doors and see the items around
      me that I have purchased". After going through the process many
      times, this kind of "present thought" will help to force the gap in
      your mind, and your mind will want to work to close it, forcing your
      body and your reality to follow suit.

      Athletes use a form autosuggestion on a regular basis. Coaches
      teach athletes this process to help improve their performance. The
      form of autosuggestion that athletes utilize is called
      "pre-meditation". Before the big game, athletes are taught to play the
      game in their mind over and over again and envision their success.
      They are taught to see themselves hitting the big home run, making the
      long put to win the tournament, or catching to touchdown pass to win
      the game. They create their illusion, envision it in detail, and play
      through it over and over again in their mind. This way, once put in
      the situation and expected to perform, their body acts to close the gap
      created in their mind and, make it into reality.

      So, through using Descartes philosophy of "I Think Therefore I Am"
      and applying it to success while coupling it with the power of
      autosuggestion, you have the ability to not only predict the future,
      but through predicting the future and giving it consistent thought, you
      can make that prediction a reality resulting in your own success.


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