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    Seeking Investors for Feature Film 300K Magic Crime Drama

    JaeGordon25 Newbie

      Hello, I am seeking investors for a independent feature film titled "The Hand is Quicker". It is a magic crime drama set in modern Salt Lake City, UT. Its about two rival magicians that get tangled in a murder plot. Comparable box office magic dramas are "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist". Michael Sorensen is the producer and is an award winning magician and has produced magic instruction videos as well as done some production work on the independent feature "Passage to Zarahemla". He is also a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute. We are looking to raise about $500,000 dollars with the first $300k going to production and the rest to P&A. I can give a detailed executive summary and budget plan when you contact me. I can also give you a full synopsis of the film. Michael will provide the unit amounts and return rates when you meet with him. You may also recieve a front title credit if you are able to invest 20% or more of the budget. Mike, however will make the final call on all those details. We have a crew and a partial cast on board pending successful funding. Rocco, Michael J Fraughton, who are award winning magicians and Christopher Walken have expressed interest in the film. Also, pending funding we intend to begin shooting in May so time is of the essence. You can contact me at, or 801-856-7311 you may also contact Mike at or 801-347-6074. If you do contact Mike directly please mention that I refered you to him.

      Thank you,
      Jamie Gordon
      Executive Producer