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    Information for QuickBooks users

    Qvinci Adventurer
      Your Company Depends on Quickbooks,
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      • In this economy, what you don't know can kill your business. And that is a big problem.
      Qvinci solves this problem by showing you \\ where you've been and where you're going.
      Qvinci shows you these details quickly, easily \\ and graphically.
      • The devil is in the details
      Qvinci visually trends the vital information \\ hidden in QuickBooks.
      With a click, automatically "Drill Down" to \\ see impactful data or problem areas.
      • The future is a click away
      Qvinci shows you your business health, \\ your projected future, and how to steer it \\ in the direction you want in pictures
      Five minutes a day is all it takes to be \\ informed and empowered.
      For less than the cost of a fountain drink, you can
      know what you must know to be successful in this economy.

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