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    eCommerce Website Advice

    GrayGoose Newbie
      Hello all,

      Our company has been in business since 2003, however, right after the first of the year we decided to launch a eCommerce website. We have submitted the site to the major search engines and more recently started using Google Adwords to drawl in some business. We are getting many hits & visitors to the site, but very few sales. I am not sure if people are going to our site thinking that we are the vodka company or maybe they thought the merchandise that we sell was other than what we actually do sell. I basically just need some professional opinions on how to attract new customers from the web. Thanks!

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          amspcs Ranger
          Hi Thomas,

          I'm far from an expert, but let me give you my take anyway from the viewpoint of an unbiased outsider.. It seems to me your theory about confusion with the vodka brand may be at least partially accurate. One of the things we learned while launching our own site was that the title URL should say something about WHAT you do, not so much WHO you are. In other words, if you are a well-known name like Coca-Cola, then people are pretty confident in what they'll find if they click on But until you reach that level of recognition, one should use the WHAT approach instead of the WHO approach. I hope you find this helpful.

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            pdmiller Adventurer
            One thing I can advise is to put your products on your home page above "the fold" - right now people have to scroll down to see a product or click on a link on the right. You have a big graphic that shows a variety of items - I'd get rid of the large graphic and the text and place your product above the fold of the website.

            The fold is like a newspaper... When the paper is folded you want all the important eye catching things facing the public when the newspaper is folded. Anything below the fold isn't seen by the public. Does that make sense?

            Hope that helps.

            Patty Miller, owner
            Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions
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              v-guru Newbie
              on this type of page:


              Which I beleive is a category page... replace the generic subcategory images with product thumnails.

              Make your logo a link to your homepage.

              Also, and probablymore importantly...use url rewrite to make your category and product page urls search engine friendly.

              Hope this helps. :)