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    jc.gomez Newbie
      WHen times are hard, as they may currently seem, Leaders must rise above. We are being challenged in every aspect of our society from working class to executives to be creative thinkers. Our ability as a nation to overcome these trying times will rely largely on the internal pushes that make our individual organizations great; thus, making our country great. I challenge all of you to step up within your own organizations to seek solutions within. To affect profitablity and efficiency where there is none. Use the assets that are organic to your company. Grow from within and develop new methods of providing services and goods to your customer base. Increase that customer base and seek business where tohers thought not to look. It is the leaders that will make or break these trends that seem so final, so drab, so negative.

      I know that success is at our reach, stand out front, accept responsibility and push forward. It is the only way. Americans Get out there and Lead the way.
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          Scarab Newbie
          This shared emotion fuels my inspiration to succeed, no matter what the obstacles. Limitations are as self-concieved as success. Why not choose the up side and create opportunity, not only for yourself but for your community and for your country. Small organizations compelled to succeed, making all efforts to create a strong, professional and creative business, built this country. We can sure as hell use that same energy to restore our stability, nobility and pride. I beleive we can all conceed the satisfaction that this notion brings to our conciousness. The notion of taking some responsibility, sacrificing some margin to keep good people employed, making an effort to be more effective on your own level of function.
          JFK's conviction in the "Ask not what your country can do for you" speech summons the focus of those looking for a hand out to see that the hand at the end of your own arm is the only hand that you will ever be able to depend upon for your own success. Put it to work. Be industrious to whatever level you are capable.
          I hope for a message of conviction that will provide the inspiration that is needed to get us all standing tall again, proud of who we are and what we have to offer industry and prosperity.
          Your message is certainly a good seed that we should all nurture and help to grow, not only for leadership but for the working class and for all of us who have a stake in this great country of ours.