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    Marketing a small business

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      I am a small construction management business of 3 now into my 23rd year having never needed to market our services prior to the last several months. Having been spoiled by clients coming to us, I have no marketing plan and now that construction has all but halted, cash flow will not enable me to hire a marketing specialist. Marketing is not my game, cold calling, emailing, etc is difficult. We specialize in providing Owner Representative services for new commercial construction, expansion or renovation in bio-med, education, healthcare and religious/spiritual projects. Our priority is giving our clients personalized service, our clients "EYES & EARS" in facilitating the program, design, approval, construction and fit-out. Does anyone have sound advise?
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          First, look at all the clients who've done business with you over the years. What is a typical client for you? From your post, we know they are bio-med, education, health, and religious organizations. Analyze them a little further. Are your clients large, small, mid-sized? How many have given you repeat business? Are your client organizations serving affluent groups, or low-income groups? There are other ways you can characterize your clients. Once you have a profile of your "typical" client, you can consult the various sources such as:

          1. Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database, which has a wealth of information on millions of organizations, which you can pull by geography, sales levels, employee count, etc. Look for companies that fit the profile of your typical customer.
          2+. Reference USA+, which is similar to D & B, but it's put out by American Business Information.
          3. State and county school districts and various religious organizations publish directories. Call some schools and religious organizations to find out what directories they are listed in. These directories can provide names of the decision makers you need to talk to.

          Use these three resources to find clients who are very much like your typical customers.

          Another thing you can do is promote your expertise in Owner Representative Services. Set up a blog (Blogger and WordPress are free), and talk about important issues - relevant to your clients - in your industry. Provide your expert opinion, but don't make a blatant sales pitch. Invite your past and present clients as well as any prospects to check out your blog and post comments. When they see or are reminded of your expertise, they will likely keep you in mind for future projects, or refer someone your way. And you can use their posts to find out what is important to them.


          You can also showcase your expertise by offering to serve as an expert in your field for the Business section editors of local newspapers in the areas that you serve.


          You might also try partnering with firms that don't compete with you, but serve the same market.

          Jim, I can go on and on, but I would be more than happy to discuss this with you further if you have any questions.

          Good luck!
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