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      I read the same type of posts again and again from other restaurant owners, but few of them actually cite places they can go to get products and advise. Most of what I read is vauge reference to content that is somewhat helpful, but not entirely why they are find resources and education. When it comes to insurance (and most administration), the BEST advice is to simply put together a great core team of professionals. That is the main thing a restaurant owner or potential restaurant owner should take away from this website. If they do that, then they are ahead of 90% of their competition upfront. At least from an administrative perspective, that's how simple it really is. However, from execution and marketing, that's a different story and where the operator must rely upon their cooking, training, and marketing skills to develop and run the restaurant. Most restaurants fail not because of lack of volume (there are restaurants of every shape, size, theme and location...big and small). The main reason is that they do not know how to run a "business". Improper accounting, poor legal advice, inadeuate insurance are significant reasons why businesses fail. Think of it as a "business" first, then a "restaurant" and half of the challenges will be mitigated. Dont let running a business keep you from running a restaurant. Think about it.

      It is impossible for any business owner to get savvy about all different things, but it is a starting point for the conversation. Just as most folks go to a doctor, dentist or mechanic because they are not proficient and specialize, the same goes for insurance.

      I emphatically recommend the following, and if you are not in California, they can likely refer you: 1-800-427-8006 1-888-678-1888

      They may be able to even refer you to a good attorney, bookkeeper or accountant. I know they know the food buying groups in California, so check them out. But even if you dont, at least get some professional help, a team. That's the best advice anyone can give.