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    Does my site look okay?

    printamentals Newbie
      I technically "opened" my business over a week ago with 2 ads going out in the local direct mailer magazines. I've gotten no orders with the hope of aiming the ads towards the Valentine's Day crowd. I see that people have come to my site and looked around and even signed in giving me their personal info but still no orders. My site is any suggestions?
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          Blaque Adventurer

          Nice site! You should put more products on the front page and get rid of the rainbow bar at the top of the page


          When I visit a gift website I'm looking for lots and lots of pictures. get people buying right away don't make them look for products


          Check out as an example

          Best of luck

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            pdmiller Adventurer

            printamentals: Here are my suggestions as a web designer...

            1. get rid of the top banner with multi colors
            2. don't center the text
            3. show more photos on the home page of the type of product you are selling. It seems like your main selling point is that you can print anything on a number of products. The photos you show (especially the big one on the top) doesn't show any printing.
            4. it looks like a template site - which am sure is common with Heritage. It cheapens your products and credibility


            5. the navigation is difficult was you click on the products page.


            6. more photos on all the pages (products page didn't have any photos and the link for personalized balls didn't show any pictures until I clicked on the baseball.


            7. You can a product driven website - show them off. Lots and lots of photos!


            Hope that helps.


            Patty Miller, owner


            Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions


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              JessyMeyer Newbie
              Looks great, well done! But a few letter couldn't be displayed in my webbrowser.
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                techzorcism Newbie
                Hey, looks fine other than the weird character at the bottom by your copyright.
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                  SME_ally Adventurer
                  Hello printamentals,

                  For customers, it is important for us to know how we can pay for the products. Right now, there is no mentioning of payment methods until you get to the final pages of checkout. I went as far as the page that asks for personal details. Up to that point, there was nothing regarding payment methods. As a customer, I'd be quite peeved if I found out after filling in my personal info that I can't pay for the product.

                  Next, be consistent with your display of products. For example the formatting of "New Products" and "All Products" should be same as that of other products pages.

                  Because you have quite a few subcategories, your navigation would work better if it allowed customers to go directly to that subcategory. Right now, you'd have to click on the category then the subcategory to see the products.

                  Have bigger category thumbnails. You've got lots of real estate on those pages, don't be afraid to use them. The images in your "personalized" categories could be improved. Looks blurry and unprofessional (shadows, overexposure).

                  Your login section would work better if it was up at the top (header or add a right column).

                  Lastly, your frontpage should be like a store's front window. Give customers a compelling reason to enter. Be it a display of your best products, sales, promotions (free delivery, buy 2 get 1 free), customer testimonials or catchy phrases (No Hassle Return Policy, Free Shipping, etc). The section where you have your rose image is a prime spot to show your "come into my store" message.

                  The overall aesthetics of a website is all about personal preference. If you like the rainbow header up at the top, then by all means keep it. But try to find a background color that will complement or blend better with it.

                  You have nice products. Ever think about making a section for Corporate gifts?

                  Wish you the best!