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    We need a Website

    UtopiaLights Newbie
      To all,

      My company is looking to create a nice website to show who we are and what we can provide. We would like the website to look a little like or ... Something like those.

      We are looking for someone with a reputable company to create this for us at a very low price since I know what these companies paid for their websites.

      We also plan on doing another website soon that will be for selling products but for now just something that will let everyone know about us.

      We want to own the website and be able to do what we want with it. We need it to be on yahoo and google without paying a monthly fee. I do know that these charges are rediculous and its actually very cheap to create a basic website like this.

      Please let us know. Thanks
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          pdmiller Adventurer
          I am a web designer specializing in affordable web designs. Please check out my web site I would like to speak with you regarding your website needs, I know I can provide the services you are looking for at an affordable cost and a website that is high quality.

          Thank you,
          Patty Miller, owner
          Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions
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              UtopiaLights Newbie

              Patty Miller,

              Thank you so much for your email and this seems to be exactly what we are looking for. We will defintely be getting in touch with you soon. Just gotta do a little more research on other companies but you will hear from us soon.

              Talk soon and have a great rest of the day.


              -Utopia Lighting
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Please make sure your site is as beautiful and as visually impressive as you want and need it to be. Ask to see portfolios, the examples you mentioned are more nice. Make sure you are getting that quality and not a template. Templates are okay but visitors start to visually feel like they have seen it before.

                  You want visitors to feel your quality and professionalism. You want the "wow effect." Where people are impressed when they log on. Good luck.
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                virtual Wayfarer
                Hi Utopia Lights

                We could offer you a professional website to fit in with your budget, we also can create an eCommerce site within days for you for less then $1700
                We can even set up a payment plan to suit you. All our Sites have inbuilt CMS so you can edit whenever you please giving you full control. All our sites are built with SEO in mind so every time you edit the site it is recognised by Google.

                Email direct on to discuss further.

                Best Wishes


                Virtual Media Solutions

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                  websolutions Tracker
                  oh here comes the competition!!! Hey UtopiaLight, I am also a web developer/designer/SEO who can handle your project, if interested please let me know, here is my site where you are able to check my portfolio:

                  My package starts at $300.00 and goes up depending on your requirements.

                  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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                    SME_ally Adventurer
                    Hello UtopiaLights,

                    When you choose a designer, make sure you find a designer who can build sites using best practices. Designers are a dime a dozen given how anyone can claim to be a web designer because they can use softwares like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. So ask to see their existing portfolio. Make sure their sites are validated, optimized (images, pages, etc), and seo friendly.

                    If you're really on a budget, you can buy a template for as little as $60. This will be your best bet if you know basic html and css.

                    There are lots of great designers out there. But they are not cheap. Just remember you get what you pay for.

                    Good luck to you!
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                      ShortSite Wayfarer

                      Hi UtopiaLights,


                      We may be amongst the list of companies you may choose to design and host your websites. We specialise in the design of websites aimed at customers exactly like yourselves. The smaller end of the business market place for companies that don't require a full blown, fully functional e-commerce website.


                      We won't promise you something we can't deliver, we won't promise you to get to No1 on Google (be very wary of anyone who does!) but what we do promise is this:

                      • ZERO RISK OFFER - try before you buy, we will build you a mock up of your site with a few pages so you can see what it looks like and how it acts. We don't ask for any money upfront and if you don't like it you can simply walk away with no obligation. You don't pay a cent.
                      • You will always find us quick to respond and show professionalism in every manner.
                      • We will work diligently towards a website that you are happy with, regardless of the number of changes needed!
                      • We be 100% transparent and ethical with yourselves, if we can't achieve what you want then we will tell you we can't do it
                      • We ARE the most affordable web design service around for the quality you will receive
                      • We are NOT based in the far east, we are based in the UK and easily accessible
                      • You will get a FREE domain name if you need one
                      • You will get FREE hosting
                      • You will get FREE lifetime changes to any pages of your site, within reason of course!
                      • We can give you access to a management system whereby YOU can change your site at your convenience
                      • We will send you detailed reports on visitors to your website using Google Analytics, daily if that is your requirements
                      • We will endeavour to provide a website that is exactly what you require

                      Although i hold 15 years experience with various web design software, photo editing pieces and also IT Project Management this is my first year of conducting business for myself in this field. I'm sure you can appreciate how difficult it is in your first few years to build a solid client base to help enable your business to grow.

                      That's why to help my business grow as fast as possible in my first year im offering my services for a very small, one off fixed fee of just $99 followed by a monthly fee of just $9.99. The overall comparison annual charge for all my services, including those listed above, is just $218.88 - and significantly lower every year thereafter.

                      There is also no minimum contract and no cancellation fee either, if you are not happy after the first month with my services then again you can simply walk away.


                      As you can see im very focused on trying to build trust in my business and i sincerely hope this is how my services are portrayed. I am not here to discourage you from sourcing alterative options for your website needs, and in fact i fully encourage this and is standard process when researching any needs for your business.

                      I just hope I've put myself and my services forward in such a light that i am considered as one of your options.


                      If you do feel you'd like i know more about what i can offer then please feel free to visit some of my recent work below:





                      or simply visit my website where i can be easily contacted:




                      I wish you the very best of success with your website and the future of your business.


                      kind regards,
                      Simon Foster.
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                        amspcs Ranger
                        Here's another 'must call'.before you make your final decision.
                        He's reasonable, honest, patient...he did our site and we are VERY happy we found him.

                        John Kelly
                        6X6 Designs
                        (215) 208-1702

                        Tell him we sent you. Good luck.
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                          sriramch Newbie
                          I trust that we can help you finding the right solution for your requirement but before i going in to details i would like to request you to send an official email to my ID - . I will wait for your email and respond back to you immidiatly. I request you to send in a supporting document if any. I can show you 100s of websites we designed with high qulaity and less price - just an email away to get value for each dollar spent.

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                            gregorycg Newbie

                            I would like to help with your website. Please contact me once you have gone through all the other offers.

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                              righttoo Wayfarer
                              If you are looking for a good web hosting provider. You can find good reviews at . Go Daddy, Yahoo, and Homestead offer user friendly web site builders for free with your account. They offer nice looking and professional looking web templates also. good luck
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                                sriramch Newbie

                                We dont hype even though we have got experince in building 100s of websites to our clients, we deliver and you will impress. We will disclose all our website details once we sign the NDA which is legal security for clients data information. Please drop in a email to for a quote. And please send me a brief description of your work along with your contact details. visit us at

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                                  carlasempres Newbie
                                  Yep, 10 dls a month(thats 39c a day), website, domain, email, also free advertising in yahoo, google, and msn for 30 days! Are you interested in?
                                  Contact me at
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                                    stevepat Adventurer
                                    Let me know if your still looking for the website. As Small Biz Express provides cheap and affordable web solutions for small business owners. You can have look at, to choose best web package for your business.
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                                      Tushar Wayfarer

                                      We have more than 13 years of experience in website designing, search engine optimization, software development, logo design, banner design. We had gone through your project requirement thoroughly. We would like to see the enhance details your project so as to start the work as soon as possible.

                                      We would also appreciate if you would get the time to see our portfolio at and

                                      Thanks and regards,

                                      Website designer.
                                      Metasense Inc.
                                      Mount Laurel, New Jersey.
                                      Phone : (856)-626-3220
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                                        dancheadle Wayfarer
                                        we would be happy to talk to you..
                                        usmlo inc is a small busienss resource center..
                                        we offer low cost web development, graphc support..
                                        low cost printing on bus cards, brochures, and other folders
                                        consulting is available 24/7
                                        dan cheadle
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                                          malena Adventurer
                                          We may offer You EVERYTHING you need concerning web design (+templates free and paid, a unique website considering all customer's requirements, logos, flash animations etc.+)

                                          We may gurantee:
                                          • the results of a high quality;
                                          • work in a needed period of time;
                                          • easiness in making your order ( just send us your e-mail, Name, phone number);
                                          • an individual approach to everyone;
                                          • a high-professional level of our web designers;
                                          • moderate prices according to the difficulty of work.

                                          WELCOME to our website!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                                            nuMantis Wayfarer
                                            Utopia Lights,

                                            Pleased to see a construction based company looking for web development. My name is Randy Comeau, I am CEO of nuMantis Technology Solutions, we are based out of Windsor, On Canada. We have been in business for 5 years and boast a large business client base. We would love to have the opportunity to quote on this job.

                                            Here is an example of a couple web pages we have completed.


                                            Feel free to look at these sites, each quite different from the next.

                                            You can contact via email, skype, phone.

                                            Skype: nuMantis-inc
                                            Phone: 1-519-800-TECH(8324) --> Ask for Randy

                                            Look forward to your response.

                                            Kind Regards,

                                            Randy Comeau - CEO
                                            nuMantis Technology Solutions
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                                              tienph Wayfarer
                                              Hi, UtopiaLights,
                                              I have just researched your topic, and If you would like to creat a website for selling products in the next time, we can help you do it well. Because we are SmartOSC, an e-commerce company with professional services including IT, Marketing, Design and custom programming. All these will help you have a great solution for your business.
                                              If you would like to find more about us and our complete websites, please visit our portfolio:
                                              Thanks for reading and hope to see your reply.
                                              Best Regards,

                                              TieN Pham Hoai
                                              Sales Executive
                                              Smart Open Solution Company
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                                                quickdesign Adventurer
                                                I can do your website for 49 euros all included.

                                                hosting, webdesign and domain name.

                                                i have 10 years experience in computing. contact me for more details