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    My New Business, How do I promote some Web design software?

    virtual Wayfarer
      Hi there,

      We recently started our business about 6 months ago and had some Web design software designed for us which can build websites in a short space of time, we have built some sites using this software including our own

      It has occurred to us that we could give this software to other business owners to use as a tag on to their services. Just not sure the best way to go about doing this. We are really flexible with our terms, we could either give the software away free and then pay the business owner 30% for every site built or we could sell the licence.

      We could also use commission sales agents or resellers, just unsure the of the best method to contact them. Has anyone got ideas for promoting this software.

      Just to let you know what the software can do it builds a CMS site within hours, with SEO in mind can create a ecommerce, forum, gallery, blog, newsletter, feedback form and loads more.

      Look forward to hearing feedback


      Lorraine Fernandes
      Virtual Media Solutions Ltd