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    small business helping small business when all else fails

    Maddeb Adventurer

      Hi everyone


      I am a Female Business Enterprise, 100% woman owned. I have a Telecommunication contracting company- a woman in a mans world. I'm losing a fighting battle. I don't know where to go, as I've done everything in my power to save my small business that employs 7 people. Please help me save my business. I need sponsors who is willing to help by business, ComTec Communications- we have a serious lack of operational cash flow. I know everyone is feeling the crunch, so I am requesting a number of businesses to help. A \$5.00 donation from you can help save one small business. Because I'm not a mega corporation, I am not big enough for the government to see, or care to help. Bail-outs are just for Big Business, even though 90% of small business make up the economy, and employ 85% of the workforce. So I'm now reaching out to my fellow Small Business Owners, and asking for your support.


      Please check out or Google me, to learn more about what I am going through. I've gained a little publicity because of my radical reaction to the economical crisis, and because I cannot get the help I need from any source. And I've went everwhere, from government to financial institutions, family and friends to private investors and brokers. I just keep hitting a brick wall.


      Any size contribution will be appreciated.


      Please endorse check or money order to:


      ComTec Company


      Address: 2505 paradise Circle, Plainfield, IL 60586


      Thank you And, I promise I will pay-it-forward.


      Best regards,


      Deb Brzostowski




      Comtec Communications, LLC


      Debra Brzostowski


      18600 S US Route 59, Unit B-5


      Shorewood, IL 60404


      Fax: 815-828-0643