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    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    TheLabDesign Newbie
      Hi there,

      I don't see an immediate thread on Search Engine Optimization - the service of getting your web site to appear on the top of internet searches. I run a company that provides this service, but I'm here to simply give some good advice on what can be done to get your website some more traffic. Ask away with any questions!
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          NatOnline Tracker


          What can be done in SEO to get my site on the top internet searches for my main keywords, internal (on my site) and externa (on search engines)?

          My e-commerce is located at:

          Thank you
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              onestopmarket Wayfarer

              For an immediate solution, consider signing-up for a Google Adwords PPC account. By incorporating both an Organic SEO and Pay Per Click search-engine strategy you will maximize your sites visibility on the Internet. Once positive organic SEO results have been achieved, you can reduce your PPC account spending and truly take advantage of the profitability organic SEO offers.


              Organic Search Engine Optimization Vs. Pay Per Click Services at a Glance

              1. Pay-Per-Click costs are much higher
              2. Organic SEO results are longer term than PPC results
              3. Organic SEO results can take longer to produce results but the cost is much less and more stable
              4. Studies show search engine users trust organic SEO listings more than PPC
              5. Studies show search engine users are more likely to click on organic search engine listings
              6. PPC search engine users are becoming more aware of ad placements, resulting in fewer and less qualified clicks
              If you would like further assistance feel free to contact me at
              Good luck!
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                genwright Wayfarer
                There are 2 parts to SEO:

                1) Internal and
                2) External (back links)

                Internal elements are simple.
                • Use H1 tags
                • Use keyword phrase in titles
                • Use meta description tags
                • Use search engine friendly URLs
                • Use a sitemap

                It's the external elements (link building) that can be a little tricky.

                You can use

                Hope that helps.

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                markrobinson Wayfarer
                My site is not in top list of any of the search engine.So what i have to do now?Do i have to change my meta tags and description for that or do another seo techniques for this?
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                    mikesrough56 Newbie
                    Check your onpage, onpage optimization is to be done essentially. This is because the onpage is the essential that a search engine gives priority. If it is perfect, then the site gains a good page rank. Then by doing off page optimization gives more boost up and thus page rank increases.
                    Good Luck....
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