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    SEO/Page Rank Review of my website

    MattGSO Newbie
      I started a side business a few years ago and it's done ok but I'd like to start pushing it harder. I have marketing ideas that I'll work on in the "real" world but I'm hoping for pointers/feedback on my web presence.

      The site was home-grown and I'm no web guru. I'm looking for basic tips and suggestions. I don't have a large budget... in fact none at the moment. Perhaps sometime in the future.

      The business is designing canoe and kayak plans so amateurs can build there own boats.

      I’d prefer contact via this forum and not emails or phone calls trying to sell me SEO services. Hope that doesn't sound harsh. ;) FYI: I've tried PPC advertising and it's not yielded results to justify trying again. So I want to focus on my page ranking.