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    Private Investor/Silent Partner for Performance shop

    l8psiexplorer Newbie

      Turbo Performance Specialties

      Your One Stop Turbo Shop!!
      Mooresville, N.C.

      Basic Info:
      We are based out of Mooresville, N.C. (about 45mins north of Charlotte).
      Why are we your "One Stop Turbo Shop" you may ask? Well let me tell you. In your average custom shop your normal turbo jobs are bolt on kits. What's the problem with bolt on kits.....they're just that, a bolt on job. In most cases those bolt on kits are for only a hand full of applications and offer very little if any adjustability.

      Now how are we different? Simple, we turbo everything and anything with an internal combustion engine. We have done anything from lifted full-size trucks and Jeeps to lowered sport compacts, SUVs and everything in between. we customize them to fit your type of vehicle and give you that extra boost we offer other services and I have come up with an invention of a part that I want to patent and sell seperate as well as using them on the vehicles. The sky is the limit on what I can do.


      Contact Info
      Paul :
      Phone - (704) 746-8966