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    recession proof ideas for glass & mirror business ?

    m131313 Newbie
      widow & son relocated full service glass & mirror business which originally opened in 1977---
      we no longer have a showroom----kept original phone/fax #'s--which rings to son's cell phone--no longer in yellow pages book---but do have internet yellow pgs---long time customers still call, but usually for small items that we can no longer afford to accomodate---have a few contractors, prop managers, etc, that are keeping the ball rolling with enough work for 1-person---but we can see things slowing down-----
      now concentrating on storefront---custom thick glass shower doors--energy efficient vinyl window replacements---anybody have any constructive advice ?
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          SME_ally Adventurer
          I know in Japan they offer glass treatment that'll save the customers' heating and cooling bill. Can you provide this service to your customers? Or offer a type of glass that is in demand?

          Perhaps you can branch out to something related to your current business. Maybe offer window cleaning for commercial buildings? You can also buy out a competitor for its customer base. I'm sure there are some owners considering exiting the business given the state of the economy. It's a buyer's market and if you've got the capital, it's worth looking into. The market can't stay down forever. You just have to make sure you'll be in position for when it picks up.

          I am not in the industry so I'm just rambling. Good luck!
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            eastcoast9 Newbie
            I have been in the trade for 26 years in the Washington Metro area. I used to go after a lot of commercial type work because there is bigger chunks of money to be made but I now know I should of went after residential also because you can usually get a good size deposit and the balance upon completion. Commercial work is nice and you need to continue with it but the down side is being lucky to get a deposit along with the usual 30 to 60 days to get paid. Never give up commercial because the economy will get better but again residential will usually keep you going when the economy goes south