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    Adding a new stream of income to your business

    virtual Wayfarer
      There are many businesses out there offering a variety of things, providing you have got a good relationship with your clients your clients are more than likely to want to stay with you, If you can provide them with more options to buy from you they will be only too pleased.

      Lets not beat around the bush here, we can offer your company a Web design tool designed with SEO in mind which you can add to your business. Those potential customers viewing your site will click on your web building tool, they will have the ability to design their own website layout and functions within a 7 step process. Functions include: Forum, blog, gallery, Ecommerce, Newletter, feedback form, testimonial page, links page and much more...

      On the 7th step they can preview the design layout and even enter the CMS backoffice suite where they can begin to edit their site content to see how easy it is, once they have viewed their potential site they can easily request a call to discuss it or pay through paypal and within a matter of hours they will have access to their site so they can start to add their content.

      The reason why we want to add this tool to businesses to offer their clients is because we believe business is done when relationships are strong and what better way to show an exciting CMS web design tool then through a solid customer relationship. We would do all the leg work for your client such as adding content and graphics. Whats more we would be happy to pay you 30% of what the client spends on their website.Direct to your business.

      As this software is white labelled we could customize it to your business if we can be assured that you will use and promote this tool.

      We look forward to hearing from interesting parties looking to earn an additional income without having to spend a dime.