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    how can I bring traffic to my website

    carilaz Newbie
      I have been working on my e-commerce site www,Daylightgifts,com, for a long time. I think it's OK, but what I really like is for someone to go over it and tell me their opinion. Maybe I'm missing something, because It does't get the traffic It should.
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          Oracle Newbie
          Dear Carilaz,

          My name is Mitch and I own a web-design comapny up in Alaska. I looked at your site and I don't think it's the site with the problem. Your site is very clean and neat with very easy navagation. One problem I know for many websites is search results. I always offer for a minimal fee for any website that I do, that, that site could become a "sponsored link" by Google, or a "Top Pick" by MSN. I think your low traffic can be hightened just by being right there in front. The average person never makes it to the second page of their search results. Usually they pick one of the top four things that come up. I would look into that for more traffic for your website. If you need help with that, I would advise that you contact a "web optimizer" in your area. They specialize just in helping a website get more traffic.

          Good Luck,

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            websolutions Tracker
            Okay, the site looks clean but it needs optimization based on best practices, basically what works. I suggest the following:

            • Site Analysis (comprehensive)
            • SEO (on/off page: keyword research)
            • Design Modifications/Additions
            I am assuming you want to get traffic organically that is why I am not mentioning adwords or any other ppc campaign.

            By the way, how many items have you sold so far and where did your customer find out about you?


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              Blaque Adventurer
              The fastest free way to generate traffic is Backlinks. A Backlink is when another website has a clickable link going directly to your website.
              <a target="_blank" href="http//"> my page</a>

              you can get backlinks through Ads, forum post, websites like merchant circle and classified.
              just get your links out there; when search engine index there website they will index your website too.

              you can check your backlinks @
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                onestopmarket Wayfarer

                Hi Carilaz-

                One of the best methods to get your site noticed is to use search engine marketing. Based on surveys, over 95% of Internet users prefer to use search engines when trying to locate a product or service. It is estimated that more than $100 billion in consumer spending was done on the Internet in 2008.


                The advantages and benefits of search engine marketing to capture a portion of this online spending are enormous. Consider the following:


                • High amounts of traffic Being the most powerful traffic source in web, search engines can provide your site with numerous and essential benefits. There are two main methods to get traffic from search engines - Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and organic search engine optimization. PPC website promotion can be an effective solution for newly launched websites to try as it is an extremely quick option. With PPC, website owners pay only for each click received from a search-engine. Beware of putting all of your eggs in the PPC basket. Targeting the non-PPC area of a search result is important too. Research shows that search engine users trust these results (organic results) more than Pay per Click results. In addition, while results in this area take longer to achieve, their cost is usually far lower than PPC ads.


                - Targeting your audience is one the most important advantages of an effective search engine marketing strategy. It is proven by numerous experiments that the top website rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, and Alta-Vista can provide your internet business with high amounts of targeted visitors. Targeting visitors with finely tuned keywords is important because you want to attract qualified customers to your web site. This becomes compounded if you are using a Pay per Click campaign because you are paying for each click that comes to your website. Proper keyword targeting within your search engine marketing campaign can help you attract a higher percentage of actual customers rather than tire kickers.


                - Cost-effectiveness. Compared to other website promotion techniques, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can implement. SEM can provide a very high return on investment. Tracking and historical reporting of your search engine campaign should also be implemented to ensure your keywords are performing effectively. You don't want to be paying for keywords that are not generating sales in excess of their cost.


                • Flexibility. It should be emphasized that SEM solutions are available for almost all businesses due to their flexibility and affordability. Within the Pay per Click and organic search engine marketing community there are a host of companies that can help businesses with varying budgets. Once a SEM campaign begins returning positive results, marketing spending can be increased to achieve higher volume.


                In conclusion, studies show that an increasing number of people are turning to the Internet search engines to locate a product or service. The habit of opening your local yellow page book is rapidly declining. It is paramount for companies wishing to capitalize on this new consumer behavior to be properly positioned within Internet search engines. Improved search engine rankings will result in a considerable web site traffic increase and more sales generated. Search engine marketing should always be the most important part of any website promotion strategy!


                If you would like to take your business to the next level with a complete Internet marketing solution, please visit


                One Stop offers the same type of programs large corporations use to optimize their Internet presence in an easy-to-use and affordable web site. The web site empowers business owners the ability to market their products and services over the Internet with a program that is cost effective, easy to manage, and has guaranteed results.
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                  FlAdMan Adventurer

                  14 million local small businesses use localadlink to get targeted traffic to either their website, or if they dont have a wesite, to the local adlink advertisement. If you are interested to learn more and have 5 mins, go to Good luck!
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                    VarlooDesign Wayfarer
                    I really cannot emphasize the importance of highering a proffesional for web stuff. I just think it is too important and there are too many done-it-themself websites out there. Highering a solid web designer who has a proven track record will cost money initially (maybe, but some may arrange for payments) but they will more than pay for themself.
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                      studio 525 Adventurer
                      These are some good ideas here. SEO and Pay Per Click are very effective. One thing that wasn't mentioned that I actually find the most effective is well-written articles and press releases distributed both online and offline. I've found this the best way to get highly targeted traffic. If you're not an experienced writer yourself, it's easy to hire professional writers and copywriters to do it for you. You need to find the right slant for your business and then write or have someone else write a few articles that are so interesting that people who really want your products will be compelled to go to your website to find out more. It's incredibly effective. And because there's so much more information, your visitors will be much more targeted than SEO or Pay Per Click.
                      As you probably know the key to selling on the web is to attract people who want to buy what you have to sell. And then make sure your website converts a high percentage of them to buyers. Conversion is the other part of the picture.
                      My company studio 525 specializes in attracting highly targeted visitors through these information articles, in addition to SEO and Pay Per Click. We also specialize in website conversions through a number of web oriented selling techniques.
                      I'm in the process of re-designing our website right now for this new economic situation. Check it out the last week of March. I have a new Special Report I'm just finishing up with an incredibly long title: 5 Things You Must Do Today To Instantly Increase Your Online Sales ... Especially In This Tough Recession
                      It will be ready the last week in March. You can download it free as well as see tons of other information and tips for increasing online sales. And checkout the dramatic sales results we've achieved for our clients.
                      I believe the Internet is all about information. That's why they call it the information superhighway.
                      This website shows you how to create the information people want and use that information to sell your products and services. Naturally the website walks the talk. Unlike the websites of so many other web designers and web marketers, this one actually sells.
                      That alone says something.
                      You be the judge.

                      Here's the link to my company website:

                      And good luck with your website. After a 30 year career in advertising, I find the Internet to be the most effective sales and marketing medium I've ever seen.

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                        GiftHaven Newbie

                        One way to help bring traffic to your site is called linkswapping. You can post a link from a website and they post your link on their site, this is usally done for free as it is a mutual benifit.
                        If you perfer I can get you started by posting a link on my website.

                        Another way is to post links on forums and communities.

                        <a href="">The Gift Haven</a>

                        I hope this helps.
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                          Zanetine Newbie
                          There are so many ways to promote your website

                          but one thing you should notice that whether your site is fully optimized or not? and also is your website according to the W3C standards ??? these are some important things that you
                          must aware of.

                          right now there are so many errors in your website (you may check those errors ..just visit )
                          your first preference must be that your website must follow guidelines of W3C .... due to this you can get a good ranking in search engines and also in future it would be beneficial for you
                          as search engines will be more strict and will allow the highest ranking only to those website which are following W3C guidelines..

                          for your website promotion you may have your profiles and group on community websites.. networking websites.. etc.... and so many other resources availiable on internet .. you can get
                          pay per click serivce ..

                          for further information and maintance

                          you may contact us at


                          or visit us

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                            ThemedSEO Wayfarer


                            The best way to increase traffic is to do SEO for your website.before starting your process you have to know the current status for your wbsite.visit there you can get free SEO Reports.
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                              stevepat Adventurer
                              Hey do SEO and Online marketing like PPC, ad Banners, etcs . you will get good and relevent traffic :)
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                                BusinessDream Newbie
                                Lots of good advice so far. Much of it is either a bit complicated or costs money. Here is a few quick, easy and free things you can do.

                                Join related business forums. Network with the other members. Start joint ventures with appropriate sites (swap adverts). Submit articles about your products and services to article sites. (easily found with a quick google).

                                Good luck with your site!
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                                    TH2006 Newbie
                                    Organic SEO might be complicated, but it's free on the bright side. Just takes some time. Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools is highly recommended. They give you a lot of good feedback on what the Google bots are seeing. Find a way to add more pages to your site. Deeper sites have a better shot at getting better rankings.


                                    Physical Therapy Jobs[/URL]
                                    Occupational Therapy Jobs[/URL]
                                    Speech Therapy Jobs[/URL]
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                                    vistasad Adventurer
                                    The information that is needed is
                                    1. Average traffic per day
                                    2. Conversion rate
                                    3. How long does a customer stay on the site?
                                    4. How much time is spent on the sales page?
                                    5. From where are your customers coming?
                                    Before jumping into SEO or anything analyse this data.
                                    You may want to promote the site in places similar to those from which your customes are coming.


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                                        SupremeCakes Wayfarer
                                        I recommend that you study Google's webmaster tools with particular attention to link building.
                                        You need also to pay attention to key word content and your location - when I do a Google search for "porch lights las vegas" I don't find you on page one. IF that is an important key word search for you do a page source study on the people on page one and figure out why they are there. BOB
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                                        SEMWarrior Wayfarer

                                        Hi Carilaz, that is a broad, yet important question. There are a number of proven methods to market your website on the Internet to create an increase in traffic. I have taken small sites getting 10 hits a month to over 10,000 a month. It took about a year of focused effort.

                                        Here are some basic channels and their estimated costs:


                                        1. Google AdWords "Pay Per Click" - You set the budget $200-300+.
                                        2. Ebay - A percentage of goods sold.
                                        3. Blog - Talk about the products in detail. Free
                                        4. - Free
                                        5. "Organic" search engine optimization - For your site $2000+
                                        6. Viral Marketing - a crazy attention getting video (1-2 minutes long) - $2000+

                                        Many new website owners think traffic will just start to roll in once the wonderful site you've build is launched. Unfortuntely, there are so many competitors now, that you must market it just as if it were a brick and mortar store. There in lies the new business model of the Internet...connecting with the people who are looking for solar products.


                                        You will have to do research on any one of these methods to move forward as they cannot be fully explained in a forum post. However, this should give a good base to start your research.

                                        Take any one of the suggestions above and search for it in Google or Yahoo and you will find many companies willing to share there expertise.

                                        By the way, I think solar is a great industry to be in. Stay progressive.

                                        Good luck,
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                                          iyazam Adventurer

                                          You are invited to check out my brand new ebook - The Super Website Marketing Handbook!

                                          It is the complete guide on:


                                          * How to market your website to the world


                                          * How to create multiple streams of traffic to your site


                                          * Social Media Marketing - how and where


                                          * How to drive traffic from social media


                                          * How to do Search Engine Optimization



                                          * How and where to market your information on the web



                                          Hillel Porath

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                                            ceolionel Newbie

                                            Hello Carilaz,

                                            How Are you Today. I hope Well. I have Learned what Expert Internet Marketers have Put Into Place To Generate an Enormous Amount Of Traffic To Their Sites. YOU CAN TOO.

                                            Here Are Some Training Video And Tutorials. Subcribe to Them and You Will Be Off To Races Like Me.

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                                              vnavguys Tracker
                                              You have some good ideas here, let me encourage you with this thought. Do things that are good for long term results. Right now, trading links may seem like a good idea but it is not. I get tons of requests to trade links from sites that have no relevance whatsoever with my sites topic, theme or products. Google hates that and discounts it, these people are trying to take the easy way out. Easy sucks. Someone mentioned article marketing, that is excellent. I would also embark on a solid social marketing campaign and add bookmarking to your list. But the best technique is one no one mentioned and that would be to start a blog. I use blogs that are directly relevant to your site and build it up. Get into your topic and give your viewers good content. After a short while, you will have a great linking machine. Link to your site from your blog using anchor text for keywords you want to rank for. Do the same with your article marketing, don't justs put your url into the resources page, use anchor text and keywords you want to rank for.

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                                                studio 525 Adventurer
                                                There are many ways to bring highly targeted, pre-sold traffic to your website. Social marketing, info marketing, SEO, affiliate programs, Pay-Per-Click. All of them work. All of them should be part of any good marketing program. I'm not going to go into the details of each one here. But you can find everything you need to know on my website. You'll find detailed information, client success stories, and valuable resources. All for free.

                                                Plus you can download a free 43 page Special Report: 5 Things You Must Do Today To Instantly Increase Your Online Sales . . . Especially In This Tough Recession. You'll get great techniques for boosting your traffic and converting those new visitors to customers.

                                                Answering questions on forums is one of the many ways you can use Social Marketing to attract targeted traffic.

                                                Providing valuable free information like I do on my website and free Special Reports are part of an info marketing strategy.

                                                Here's the website URL.

                                                Enjoy. Good luck and good selling.

                                                Peter Cutler
                                                Principal/Creative Director
                                                studio 525

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                                                  koz4change Adventurer
                                                  I definitely recommend leaving comments on blogs with your link, as well as joining forums. You need to make sure that you are adding substance in your posts though. The actual interaction and relationship building is what will drive traffic to your site, not the link alone.
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                                                    Success4life Wayfarer

                                                    Through Search Engine Optimization at , we also provide you with marketing materials, small business disounts, search engine optimization into the top 40 search engines, custom buisness website, small business resoures, and extensive online advertising.
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                                                      lindapret112 Newbie

                                                      This is an interesting post.. thank you for sharing


                                                      color=#FFFFFFtaux pret auto[/color]
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                                                        stephanie1212 Wayfarer
                                                        my name is stephanie i work for a company name karma snack and we can help you bring the traffic you need to your site you can reach me at (786) 228-8884 as soon as you call we can sent up a appointment asap
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                                                          yesuiko_03 Newbie
                                                          Post your ads flyers in your local super market.
                                                          Include something for free to attract people.
                                                          And use business card advertising. Also expect to see a large traffic with time, don't give up and never lose hope.
                                                          your website is great!


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                                                              studio 525 Adventurer
                                                              There are many ways to bring traffic to your website.
                                                              One of the best comes from a high first page position on Google, the numer one search engine on the web.

                                                              It's not easy getting on Google's first page, but you can do it. We've moved many of our clients to Google's first page, including the coveted number 1 and number 2 positions. This is very important because most people won't search past the first page. And almost nobody will search past the second page.

                                                              When you're competing with hundreds of millions of other websites for the same competitive keywords, it takes work, skill, knowledge and intelligent planning to get on page one.

                                                              One of our clients, a small online publisher, is now number 2 on Google's first page for a particular author. The massive is only number 4 for the same author.

                                                              If you type the words: free website check-up into Google's search engine, you will see our website in the number 3 position on Google's first page out of 238 million other sites.

                                                              As you can imagine we get a lot of traffic and so do our clients.

                                                              To see how we've helped our clients get to page one in Google, check out the Google section of our website by clicking this link:

                                                              And if you want to see how to convert all that traffic into paying customers, check out all the other free online marketing information on our website. And see how it works in the real work with our Client Success Stories.

                                                              Wishing you great success and prosperity,


                                                              Peter Cutler
                                                              Principal/Creative Director
                                                              Studio 525

                                                              We don't just create websites.
                                                              We create results.
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                                                              ericdawe Newbie
                                                              Hey Carilaz,

                                                              I’m responding to your post on the BofA website. My
                                                              company offers first page Google rankings for any amount of keywords relating to
                                                              your industry, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. The
                                                              combination of these three areas of internet marketing have proven success with
                                                              ALL of my other clients, and we have a 100% retention rate. My website is
                                                              currently being reconstructed, but I’d be happy to either talk with you or email
                                                              you some case studies and explain exactly what we do and how we achieve

                                                              Best Regards,

                                                              Eric B Dawe
                                                              Hinge Internet Marketing
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                                                                MoveForward Scout

                                                                Love your site and the brightness. I for one will be using your site for Christmas
                                                                Presents (address lights an other things). I understand where you are at. I created
                                                                a subsit. website to my business and it has taken off from word of mouth and
                                                                newsletters but not through through website traffic. I may try working with some
                                                                of your replies. Hang in there, you have a great site.
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                                                                  koz4change Adventurer
                                                                  Try Traffic Blazer from - works great!
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                                                                      studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                      See that's what bugs me about internet marketing.

                                                                      People promise first page ranking in Google, when, in reality, there are no guarantees any site can make it to the first page in Google in a competitive market. And certainly not in a short time or without a great deal of effort.

                                                                      We've managed to get many of our clients on Google's first page. But we didn't do this overnight. And we didn't do this simply by adding selected keywords to their home page or listing them in a ton of other search engines or going through a link exchange that nobody links to.

                                                                      It doesn't happen that way. Although there are still a ton of people out there who try to convince you that it does. Don't believe it. There is reality and there is an appealing fantasy. They're not the same thing.

                                                                      As the Who so eloquently put it, "We won't get fooled again." Good advice for all of us.

                                                                      First page in Google for competitive keywords will bring you a ton of traffic. And this traffic will be people searching for what you're selling. It's a great goal to shoot for.

                                                                      But it takes a lot of upfront work to get there. One of the best ways to do this is to create a lot of great content that people want. Add a blog to your website, so you can post even more content. Write articles and Special Reports and distribute them through the web. The more content you create related to your product or service, the more ways Google will have to find you. And the more that content is distributed and picked up by other websites, the more markers will point back to you and your website. That will bring you traffic directly, but it will also raise your ranking in Google. That's the way we've managed to bring our clients and our company to Google's first page for competitive keywords. I don't know of another way. At least another way that actually works.

                                                                      And Google is where you want to be found. It's by far the number one
                                                                      search engine. It's already become a verb. When you want to find
                                                                      something on the web, you Google it. You don't Yahoo it. Or Bing it.
                                                                      You Google it.

                                                                      Getting on Google's first page is not about tricks or technology or techniques. It's all about content. Lots of content. Lots of really good content. Lots of really great content that other websites pick up and bring you tons of inbound links. The web is rapidly becoming a writer's medium. Lots of great content brings traffic to your website. And great copywriting turns that traffic into sales.

                                                                      It's not rocket science. But it's not easy. There are no shortcuts. You're either a pretty good writer and marketer yourself or you hire someone who is. Most likely that won't be your web designer or developer. A painful lesson most of our clients discovered before they came to us.

                                                                      Good luck. Good selling. And keep your eyes open.


                                                                      Peter Cutler
                                                                      Principal/Creative Director
                                                                      Studio 525

                                                                      We don't just create websites.
                                                                      We create results.


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                                                                          vnavguys Tracker
                                                                          I agree, companies that promise you first page rankings are misleading. What they dont tell you is they can get you first page rankings for a "long tail" keyword phrase. Just about anyone with some focus can do that. Lets see them promise to rank you number one for an aggressive competitive term like "mortgage" or "weight loss", thats when the scurry off and hide. SEO takes time and patience, its not easy.
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                                                                              studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                              Hi Ken,
                                                                              I like your website and approach.
                                                                              We should talk some time, share some notes and experiences.


                                                                              Peter Cutler
                                                                              Principal/Creative Director
                                                                              Studio 525

                                                                              We don't just create websites.
                                                                              We create results.
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                                                                                wordperfect Scout

                                                                                Hello, I am not in the SEO business, so from a professional viewpoint all I can say is I tend to look at those in that industry now as about the same as Used Vehicle and Life Insurance sales people, a lot of hype and fast talking but show me the results. I am very wary of claims such as first page ranking.


                                                                                I had a quick look at your site as what you wrote interested me, some pages I can't open, local problems, but maybe you can contact me, details in bio. We may be able to work together as we offer practical advice for anyone considering sourcing ex this sometimes less than transparent country.
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                                                                            NatOnline Tracker
                                                                            How can I bring traffic to my website good question.

                                                                            The best way to understand how to bring traffic on your website is reading or participating on webmaster forums. You can learn techniques and get the advises you need.

                                                                            Please note that there are different techniques depending of your field you can test on your site.
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                                                                              hunterjordan Newbie
                                                                              I did visit your site, it is very sober and simple. I liked it. If you feel that your website traffic is less then either your learn SEO tricks online or hire a professional who can help you out with your site's rankings and web traffic. Good luck!

                                                                              Creative Ecommerce Web Design Co.
                                                                              ( )
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                                                                                Henderson Wayfarer
                                                                                post it on your business card and hand it out to folks that are interested in what you're offering...
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                                                                                  blackhawk12 Wayfarer
                                                                                  There are many ways to use in getting the targeted traffic to the website. Here are some major things to follow and to work out more to get traffic to the website.
                                                                                  Prepare a list of most effective keywords
                                                                                  Submit your site to the major Search Engine's
                                                                                  Submit it to the related Directories by selecting a suitable category
                                                                                  Preparing rich content for articles in opsting the content to Articles Directories
                                                                                  Social Networking, Social Bookmarking are the most and effective ways to get the traffic to the website