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    Photography Company Needing Capital

    S2Sphoto Newbie
      I registered my wedding photography business LLC last month and I'm in the process of looking for start up capital.

      I've actually been doing photography as a second shooter for roughly two years prior and this is the year I decided to go out on my own. I have a solid $4,000 advertising budget already in place, I have 10 weddings booked at an average of $2,300 per contract, and I have virtually no overhead as I work out of home. The only overhead I have is advertising and equipment (which is bought once every few years). Proof of any information listed can easily be provided.

      My business plan is as follows:
      1 year plan - 20 weddings @ 2,000 each
      3 year plan - 30 weddings @ 3,000 each
      5 year plan - opening a small studio

      To see the quality of my work, please visit my portfolio at:

      I'm looking for roughly $10,000. This will be used for next year's advertising and some equipment and portfolio updates. While my company is relatively young, I'm a solid professional who is doing far better than what business projections say most photographers starting out do.

      Thank you for your time.