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    Reach Your Target Customers For Less Than 4 cent per home

    bluetiger Newbie


      • Pizza box advertising is one of the most effective ways to get premiere placement for your message or brand inside of consumers' homes, dorms and offices.
      • Your ad is delivered directly into the waiting hands of your prospect, not stuffed together with other junk mail in the mail box.
      • You are able to target your distribution to very specific geographic markets.
      • Our pizza box topper advertising delivers full color advertising for about 10% of the cost of direct mail.
      • You can reach your target audience while they are experiencing a pleasurable meal shared by families and friends.
      • It's very affordable advertising! As lows as 4 cents per home.
      • Your ad will be in full color and we do all the set-up FREE!
      • Your ad will not be listed with other competitors.
      • No postage or mailing list fees!
      • Your ad runs in a targeted market usually within 2-3 miles from your business.
      • Pizza deliveries are made daily, so you get a steady stream of customers or clients, not dumped all at once and then they are gone.
      • You get the advantage of continual branding as opposed to shot gun blasts like traditional direct mail.
      • With our exclusive stick-it back, your coupon is easily posted to your customer's refrigerator or file cabinet for future use.