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    Real Estate Exchanges 1031

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      Does anyone have any experience with these 1031 exchanges? Is it agood or bad idea?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

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          Tenants in common 1031 Exchange is a form of real estate
          asset ownership in the United States of America in which two or more
          persons have an undivided, fractional interest in the asset, where
          ownership shares are not required to be equal, and where ownership
          interests can be inherited. Each co-owner receives an individual deed
          at closing for his or her undivided percentage interest in the entire
          property. In brief, a TIC owner has the same rights and benefits as a
          single owner of property.
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          Although the TIC ownership form has been used for many years, its
          popularity has been increasing dramatically due to a recent IRS ruling.
          Exchangers often have difficulty in locating and closing suitable
          replacement property within the 45 day identification period and the
          180 day closing period. 1031 TIC exchanges can significantly reduce
          these risks.
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