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    Loan Options

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      I am currently pursuing a business that will manufacturer products in both China and the US. The business is expected to achieve annual revenue in year 5 of $15-20M. I have significant interest to the point that I will enter the business with firm purchase orders for the products from major distribution. I will need approximately $3.5-4M in capital over the next 3 years to fully realize the business opportunity. Of that amount I would expect that $2.0 would be upfront cash requirements, $500K in start-up line of credit and the remaining will come from ongoing cashflow from the business.

      The strengths of this business are the established market, a high committed interest from customers, I have started (3) similar and successful "Greenfield" manufacturing plants for other companies over the past 7 years and I have some new technology that will lower the material cost, require less labor content and require less capital than similar operations.

      My (2) much cash as a percentage of total funds borrowed would I need in general to approach a bank and get financing for this business? And...if that cash is from "Angle Funds" is that acceptable to a bank?