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    I can't find any grants!

    Oracle Newbie

      My name is Mitch and I own Oracle Technologies. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and have had my business for a little over a year now. My business is a Graphic Design business and primarily deals with websites, business cards, brochures, and many other things. I have spent a countless number of hours trying to find a place to apply for federal grants and or state grants. I have researched the SBA and asked them the same question and they seem to be in it for the money. Every site and person I have contacted has reffered me to a site that I have to pay just to get info. When I research the sites that I would have to pay to get info on, their a big scam and don't guarentee really anything. I'm looking for expansion grants, since I'm not a non-profit I know my grants are limited but I would like to lease a building and start building my company. If anyone has any info on this matter please reply.



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          GodsPassion09 Newbie
          Hi there!

          I've been looking into grants also so I can start up my franchise. I'm looking for reliable start-up funds wherever I can find them. I will pass on to you any useful information I can find.

          Thanks for your reply to 'I'm On A Mission...' My business is being established to make a profit so I can assist non-profit organisations and feed my own family of four.
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              PHDINC Newbie
              It's amazing that you mentioned this topic! I just got off the phone with an SBA representative and he informed me to come in to evaluatie some grant options. My business is in need of advertising funds and a grant opportunity will surely get my ball rolling! Stay encouraged and focused and surely your blessing will come.